Unified Communications benefits

Improve your business efficiency and productivity with the latest communication technology solutions from Vodafone Business. 

Stay productive with Unified Communications

Unified Communications join up your landlines, mobiles, desktops, laptops and tablets, to improve productivity and customer service.

Did you know?

Innovation strategy

84% of FFTF businesses have a defined strategy for innovation.

Cloud solutions

Companies that are left behind in the digital revolution will need to pay up to 20% above market rates to recruit employees with the desired digital skillsets.

Digital leaders

Digital laggards have just 19% of the talent they need, compared with 90% for digital leaders.

How Unified Communications are helping business thrive

Our Unified Communication services help you to be more productive both in and out of the office. We connect voice, messaging, video and collaboration tools, which include data storage, shared file access, virtual meetings, and screen sharing in the cloud. Your employees will always have the right information at their fingertips, helping them stay up to date, wherever they’re working from. 

Explore Transport can access data almost anywhere 

With Vodafone One Net, Explore Transport can operate 24 hours a day and track vehicles and monitor equipment via a telematics solution.

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LLS is connected even out in the field 

Since unifying their communications with One Net Business, LLS can offer customers a single local phone number and any staff member can pick up the call. And the team can stay in touch more easily.

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CareTech can focus on their patients instead of admin 

Joining their communications onto a single platform with Unified Communications means that CareTech has more time to care for their patients.

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Our range of One Net solutions

One Net Anywhere 

Get a virtual landline number you can answer anywhere from your mobile – with the option to show your landline number.

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One Net Business 

Join up fixed lines and mobile phones, so they work together as one network. For added desktop and tablet connectivity, you can include Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business, too. 

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One Net Enterprise 

Join your fixed and mobile services together with an extensive suite of communication and collaboration tools in a single cloud based or managed system. 

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84%  Innovation strategy / Source:
Fit for an Innovative Future Report (2023) 

22% Cloud solutions / Source:
Fit for an Innovative Future Report (2023) 

75%Digital partnerships / Source:
Fit for an Innovative Future Report (2023) 

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