Key focus areas for a changing world

  • Strengthening Communities Strengthening Communities

    Strengthening communities

    Public sector leaders think a healthy population, trust in public services and an efficient local government are key to a strong community. We look at how technology can help strengthen communities in the face of public sector cuts.

  • Millennials Millennials

    Millennials breathing new life into the workforce

    We explore the impact Millennials are having on SMEs and HR managers tasked with recruiting this first generation of ‘digital natives’ – and the expectations that Millennials have for flexibility in the workplace.

  • Leading the way null

    Leading the way

    Based on interviews with 11 of the UK’s top CEOs, we explore modern CEO leadership to uncover the impact of technology on working practices and the skills required to be a great leader.

  • The new IT Crowd null

    Unleashing the Mega Trends

    We explore the practicalities of unleashing Big Data and IoT, uncovering the daily motivations, opportunities and barriers organisations deal with as they get to grips with these critical technologies.

  • Connected Shopper null

    The digital impact on buying behaviour

    There’s no denying that we live in an increasingly connected world of super-fast broadband, smartphones and social networks. But what does this mean for companies in dealing with people – both as consumers and as employees?

  • Government null

    Connected Nation – a digital government for everyone

    Connected citizens want even greater access to digitally delivered services than is currently available from the government. We look at the need for a balanced cross-channel approach, based on detailed understanding of the needs of different segments of society.

  • The new IT Crowd null

    The new IT Crowd

    We examine how the roles of the CIO and IT manager have evolved – and how they now need to have considered opinions about new innovations, and to be key troubleshooters for wider business issues.

  • Fluid Society null

    Fluid Society

    We explore how the internet has put a wealth of information within easy reach, and how a unified communications strategy can enable your business to work without boundaries.

  • The Perfect Storm null

    The Perfect Storm

    In today’s economy we’ve come to expect everything “now”. Our expert contributors share their thoughts on this new era of business, and how mobile technology can help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Business-continuity null

    What if..?

    All change comes with varying degrees of risk. We can’t predict the future, but we can ask “What if..?” In this report we offer insights to help you understand and manage risk, so you can plan for the future.

  • Customer-service null

    Have a nice day!

    Today’s customers are better informed and expect to be connected to your business in more ways. We examine what customers want from social media, and how this affects the way you deliver customer service.

  • Flexible Working null

    Flexible working

    We explore the shift in employee expectations – looking at how a flexible, mobile working environment can help your employees to be fulfilled, to be empowered and to have a better work-life balance.

  • Great expectations in hard times null

    Great expectations in hard times

    We find out how public sector organisations can make timeless customer values stand up in the new world of social media and increasingly tech-savvy citizens.

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