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SIP trunking

High-quality integrated services for fixed voice and data will help you make the most of your communications opportunities – today and into the future.

Organisations are looking beyond their current telecoms solutions, seeking more flexibility, reliability and value for money. With our innovative voice solutions, the answer already exists: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Vodafone SIP is a VoIP solution that provides a secure IP connection, the next step from traditional ISDN lines. This gives you greater control and cost savings as it consolidates your fixed voice and data services and simplifies your communications management.

Using SIP can also reduce the cost of your internal and external calls, while providing greater flexibility to manage features, capacity and costs.

We offer two options:
  • Vodafone Hybrid Voice
  • Vodafone Evolved Voice

Vodafone Hybrid Voice

This solution enables you to keep your ISDN30 Private Branch Exchange (PBX) but to start realising the benefits of SIP.

The Vodafone Hybrid Voice service provides direct connection to the Vodafone next-generation IP network and continues to offer all the benefits of ISDN.

Vodafone Hybrid Voice is an excellent solution if you:

  • Have a legacy investment in a PBX system and may incur significant costs by switching everything at once
  • Are locked into existing hosted PBX contracts
  • Are prepared to work your PBX assets until PBX is obsolete

Vodafone Evolved Voice

This solution is for customers seeking fully IP-based communications, whose LAN environments are ready for SIP.

The Vodafone Evolved Voice service is a highly reliable, resilient, future-proofed, enterprise-grade replacement for traditional voice services. With this solution, we connect your phone exchange (IP PBX) seamlessly to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The data connection options open to you are Vodafone's data products such as IP-VPN Quality of Service (QoS) running over Ethernet, and Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – linked to Vodafone’s new-generation IP core network.

Vodafone Evolved Voice is an excellent solution if you:
  • Are ready to realise the full benefits of VoIP
  • Have no legacy system or are a cloud-native business
  • Are setting up networks from scratch

Did you know we offer tailored support?

Our Tiered Support Services [PDF: 2.9MB] means you’ll get Foundation-level support included as standard – but you can upgrade to Enhanced or Premium if you choose.

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