Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT) digitalises black cab business with Vodafone IoT 


  • Creative Mobile Technologies provides an integrated payment and e-hailing system for London taxis.

  • The company wanted to transform traditional taxi into digital and needed a dependable connectivity partner.

  • Vodafone helped CMT develop a solution beyond a standard card payment system, capable of offering business insights.

Meet Creative Mobile Technologies 

The CMT Group was founded in 2005 with the aim of making taxi services more efficient, modern and profitable. Their team of engineers enable integration with a wide variety of telephone systems, taximeters, wireless network technologies and payment processors. Today, the CMT Group serves more than 1,500 cities worldwide. CMT UK operates London’s leading taxi card system with over 9,500 payment systems and 13,000 drivers.  

The challenge 

Digital transformation of taxi services 

The world today is becoming increasingly digital, and CMT realised that London cab drivers need to adjust to stay competitive and up to date. Lack of mobile applications, inappropriate payment systems and manual processes reduce the competitive advantages of traditional taxi services. CMT was seeking a business intelligence solution that helps drivers embrace digital changes.  

“We created a ride-hailing app to facilitate digitally hailing cabs. That's obviously dependent on Vodafone's connectivity. Without that, the cabs won't get the offer.”

The solution 

Integrated payment and e-hailing 

Working with Vodafone, CMT created a bespoke and scalable IoT solution for the London black cab trade. The integrated payment and e-hailing system consists of a touchscreen in the front seat for the driver and a printer and a PIN pad in the passenger compartment. A Central Processing Unit connects it all together. The mapping and business intelligence are key – allowing drivers to locate passengers and process digital payments.  

The benefits 

Cashless convenience  

The CMT card system is integrated with the taximeter. The fare is automatically transferred to the PIN pad when the meter is stopped while intuitive screen prompts ensure quick payments. All this is controlled via the driver’s touchscreen - convenient and easy to operate. In addition, the system has the unique ability to dispatch jobs to the driver. 

The benefits of IoT 

Optimise business 

IoT can unlock new potential to collect and transmit business information in real time. This can help improve efficiency, accelerate decision-making time and save money.

Delight customers

With IoT applications businesses can better understand customer needs. This can develop and improve products and services to offer an enhanced customer experience.

Transform business

By giving instant access to information, as well as data-led insights, IoT can help change direction, innovate and create additional revenue streams for your business.

Reducing stress with technology 

A reliable network connection is vital for processing card transactions. CMT now can offer a dependable solution tailored to the taxi industry needs. Cab drivers reckon that modern technology is beneficial because it reduces the stress level within their working day. “You're able to drive around knowing that you're driving towards work,” says Ronnie Welch, Taxi Driver.  

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