Extending World Cancer Day into World Cancer Night

Cancer Research is always looking at new way to beat cancer, but how can asking smartphone users to hit the snooze button really help?

World Cancer Day needs to be a success for a host of reasons as we search for a cure.

While the focus has always been on what can be achieved in the day, we turned our attention to when the sun goes down. We have been asking smartphone owners to download the free DreamLab app from Vodafone Foundation (UK registered charity 1089625).

This crowdsourced app uses spare computing power from users phones, to analyse cancer research data. This means thousands of smartphones working together to form a virtual super-computer, allowing calculations to be crunched much faster which ultimately gives the world the chance to arrive at potential cures quicker.

Imperial College scientists estimate that if 10,000 people download our app on World Cancer Day, the nation could collectively crunch 100,000 additional calculations, helping to make crucial progress and save lives. Find out more by watching our video.

Helen Lamprell, Trustee of our Vodafone Foundation said: “DreamLab is a revolutionary project– it’s a completely different, easy and direct way that people can help cancer research. The work done so far has resulted in scientists at Imperial College making some potentially life changing progress. We need as many people as possible to download the DreamLab app on World Cancer Day so that, together, we can really make a difference.”

The DreamLab app is free to download and use for all our customers*. It won’t eat into data allowances and can work connected via your WiFi. It means you really do have nothing to lose, while others have so much to gain.

*mobile data is free for all customers who use the Vodafone APN. Customers using any APN settings other than “wap” or “internet” will be charged at their normal data rate. You can alter how much mobile or WiFi data you use each month through the data usage slider in the app settings.

To find out how to add the app to your smartphone please visit Vodafone.co.uk/DreamLab

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