Fife Council increases employee productivity by 20%


  • Fife Council is the third largest local authority in Scotland, with a population of around 360,000.

  • Fife Council wanted to modernise its repair team’s workload, reduce paperwork and streamline process.

  • With Vodafone, the council increased their electrician productivity by 20% and significantly reduced paperwork.

Meet Fife Council

Founded in 1996, Fife Council is the third largest local authority in Scotland. It provides a wide range of services, including Housing Repair – a team that’s part of Fife’s largest direct labour department.

The challenge

With a population of around 360,000 people and with more than 500 square miles of lochs, mountains and coastline to manage, Fife Council needed a solution that would allow its Housing Repair team to be more mobile.

To better support the team, Fife Council were aiming to:

  • Modernise traditional work patterns, removing the need to return to the depot after every job.

  • Reduce the amount of paperwork created by jobs and streamline the administration process.

  • Deploy more robust mobile devices that can improve productivity and cut costs.

“What we needed was a solution that gave us a robust mobile device, with all the functionality we need and reliable connectivity across our territory.”

The solution

To address these challenges, Vodafone developed an integrated Enterprise Mobile Working Solution, effectively ruggedising their team’s mobile devices, making them more wear and stress resistant.

These devices were then given to the Housing Repairs team’s field-based electricians. All devices were equipped with Vodafone’s TotalMobile app software, including secure system connectivity and helpdesk support.

This gave them access to back-office systems, so they could transmit the details of each job electronically. This has meant a huge reduction in the amount of paperwork generated – previously each form would go through 11 pairs of hands.

The benefits

Vodafone’s solution resulted in around 20% more jobs completed each day, with scheduling, stock control, billing and timesheets all taken care of through the app. As a result, the council began to roll out TotalMobile to its other services.

“Almost immediately we saw productivity increase significantly, with around 20% more jobs completed each day.”

Why Vodafone

People rely on services

Fife Council provides a range of services to around 360,000 people.


Before the TotalMobile app, each form went through 11 pair of hands.

More jobs completed each day

Vodafone’s solutions have helped the council increase productivity by 20%.

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