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Getting to know centennials with LinkedIn

We reveal the expert opinion on hiring centennials and explore the inevitable changes they’re bringing to the future workplace.

With their new set of ideals, motivations and preferences, centennials potentially mean a change to the way businesses hire their future employees. What was once considered a routine and straightforward task, is quickly becoming unfamiliar ground for some. But, to make the most of the exciting possibilities centennials bring (and to get the competitive edge on your competitors), it’s essential to understand them so you can attract them more easily.

To shed some light on the centennial workforce, we spoke to Director of Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn, Maria Guinane.

Have you had to change your employer proposition to meet the needs of the centennial workforce?

Our offer to candidates hasn’t changed, but we do present it in new ways to help attract new talent. As a business, our vision is to create economic opportunity for the global workforce and for each candidate we speak to. We understand the potential impact they could have in helping us realise this vision. And, we believe this naturally translates internally and ensures our employees want to come into work every day.

To top it off, our culture is renowned for getting stuff done and, at the same time, having fun.
We recognise that every generation is motivated differently and see value in different aspects of their career. We make a conscious effort to welcome this new generation to the working world. Centennials are a pragmatic generation – they want to make a difference, be independent, yet, want to have a secure life outside of work. With our offering, we trust that we meet this criteria. Also, one of our core working principles is, ‘acting as an owner’, which transfers accountability and responsibility to an individual. This gives them freedom, independence, and faith that things will get done by them and those they work with.

One of the main traits of centennials personality seems to be their curiosity and their thirst for knowledge. What are your thoughts on this?

From experience, centennials thrive in an environment where access to continuous learning and development is actively encouraged. They understand that there’s a need for constant skill development in order to stay relevant and agile.

At LinkedIn, we’re passionate about creating a culture of transformation and give all employees access to over 9,000 digital courses via our LinkedIn Learning tool. Personal learning and development is at the core of our belief. If someone is curious, hard working and resonate with our cultural values, then they have the opportunity to take on new challenges, without reliance on their past experience, but with continuous support from their direct manager.

What are your top three tips for centennials, which will make them ideal candidates for future employers?

Your professional identity on LinkedIn is key, so make sure your profile is up to date. One of our key tips is to remember that this is your chance to make a great first impression for recruiters and potential employers.

Work with a mentor who can provide you with impartial advice. LinkedIn’s Career Advice feature can help connect you to other members with a wide range of knowledge, skills and resources in a chosen industry. They can give you unbiased advice on career paths and different industries.

Keep learning and improving. Your learning should address your ambitions and equip you with the tools you need to develop now and in the future.

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