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The perfect storm

Perspective series

In todays economy weve come to expect everything now. Thats why we’re calling this new era for business the ‘age of me’.

There’s a demand for more information to be there at the touch of a button, changing the way we talk to our customers and colleagues, and mobile technology is at the heart of this.

The next big driver of change in mobile technology is 4G. 69% of our survey respondents say communication needs to be faster and more responsive – 4G can deliver just that.

Our expert contributors share their thoughts on this new era, focusing on how smart businesses can stay ahead of the competition, and how 4G can significantly enhance the flexible working experience.

The facts

81 percent

81% expect that 4G will increase their productivity.

greater 1/2

Over half feel 4G can significantly improve flexible working.

58 percent

58% of leaders surveyed believe that employees’ attitudes have changed – the most notable is the increased focus on work-life balance.

69 percent

69% of leaders reported that their business had to become more responsive to both employees and customers over the past three years.

Don’t just take our word for it

The Perfect Storm

The rise of the mobile office

We look at how 4G is shaping business by the people who use it, and discover first-hand the impact it’s having.

Katharine Pooley is the founder and Managing Director of Katharine Pooley London. She creates inspiring interiors for discerning clients and travels widely to redesign the interiors of many top addresses. Katharine tells us how crucial the design of a home office is, and about the importance of a fast internet connection and remaining contactable wherever she is.

Is 4G reinventing the workplace?

Our infographics show just why new technologies are vital to keeping up with the demands of customers and colleagues in the ‘age of me’. Discover the impact of 4G on flexible working and how you can stay ahead of the competition in these changing times.

A perfect storm – the full report

Our research, conducted with 554 organisational leaders across a range of UK PLCs, uncovered some fascinating insights into the world of work in the ‘age of me’. The perfect storm report draws on expert knowledge and opinion to help you make the decisions that will help your business deliver.

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