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Team innovation

Start your digital journey – and take your teams with you

Propel your business forward with a culture of innovation

We’re all creatures of habit, but embracing change, and encouraging all departments to invest in an innovative way of thinking, will result in digital transformation being a success. This means overcoming any cultural divisions or silos, and making sure everyone in your business is on board – from C-suite to frontline.

“Digital transformation isn’t about any single technology, but about the mindset. The process of innovation is constantly changing, constantly adapting, constantly moving.”

Digital, Ready? Report - 2018

Register to access our Digital, Ready? report and you’ll find out:

  • How a hotel chain has shown that innovation can improve processes for both staff and customers
  • How the UK’s largest car insurance provider is staying ahead with innovation in tech
  • How the UK’s largest facilities management company is communicating change internally

Think big and start small

Innovation in business is driving new ideas and new opportunities, and is speeding up time to market. The cost of not innovating is also becoming a high price to pay in an industry of firebrands and disruptors.

Accelerate digitalisation within your company with inspiring potential ideas for each department. Collaborate with your teams and get them discussing new ideas such as:

  • What are the things you’d like to achieve through innovation?
  • In which parts of the business do you think the biggest opportunities lie?
  • What new technologies have you introduced to date?
  • How can your digital future be leaner, faster and more seamless?

Need some inspiration? Find out what British businesses are doing to innovate for a digital future in our Digital, Ready? report. We spoke to more than 2,000 organisations around the UK to find out what digital transformation means to them.

  • 74% of large organisations fear failing at digital transformation
  • Only one in 10 professionals believe digital is a shared responsibility
  • 59% of businesses who have made their digital transformation wish they had done so sooner.
  • How can your digital future be leaner, faster and more seamless?

Our business solutions are designed to be worry-free and simple to use. As well as delivering superior customer service and support, we have a team of future-facing experts to help you take the right steps to grow and digitalise your business.

Are your competitors thinking the same as you? Read the full Digital, Ready? report and find out what you can do to stay one step ahead.

MediaCity's Digital Transformation

The Landing CEO and Salford City CDO, Jon Corner, explains how culture change is key to getting digital transformation to drive innovation within your business.

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