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Our Heat Detection Camera

Your people are counting on you to help get them back to work safely. Our Heat Detection Camera is a useful tool to help you do this; accurately and discreetly screening people for raised body temperatures using thermal imaging so you can take further preventative action. Help to reassure people on your premises with this thermal scanner.

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Key benefits

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The only commercially available solution with an integrated monitoring and alert system

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Screen up to 8 people at a time and 100 people every minute

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No supervision needed, so you can keep staff where you need them most

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Manage multiple thermal cameras across several sites from a single device

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Get peace of mind with 24/7 technical support and next working day on-site repairs

Customer FAQs

How long does it take to set up and does it require any extra infrastructure?

What is the effective range of the camera and how accurate is it?

Can I adjust the temperature threshold?

Can I use the heat sensor system outside?

Where is data stored? Is it safe, shared and for how long?

Why choose the Heat Detection Camera?

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The only intelligent, connected heat detection solution available
Easy to use and manage with secure, remote monitoring

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Enabled by an industry-leading network
Connects on anything from 2G to 4G, with no need for on-site WiFi

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Turn data into actionable insights
Analyse bulk data to determine trends and meet reporting requirements

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Fully managed service
An end-to-end managed service solution provided onshore in the UK by security cleared UK nationals

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Pioneering partnership
We have partnered with Digital Barriers, a world leader in edge-intelligent solutions for the global surveillance and security market

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