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The first businesses to banish the remote working ‘last mile’


A fast internet connection can save your company money. Boosting productivity, enabling faster uploads and encouraging collaboration is all good for your bottom line1.

It’s a wise investment at a time when, according to CCS Insights2, 65% of senior leaders are set to increase their IT spending in the coming year – despite a looming recession.

But while Zoom and Microsoft Teams have seen a surge3, investment is on the turn. As businesses reassess their budgets for the next few years, they’re looking to solve the crucial problem in sustainable long-term home working: the ‘last mile’.

It’s the gap between your provider and your home: the lag on video calls, the poor connection during a crucial meeting and slow-to-load software.It can be the difference between being future-ready or not. Between last resort and reliable network. Between stopgap and sorted.

Businesses are looking for better, faster ways of working – and they’re ready to part with their cash. But they need to invest in the right place. This is what our new frontier in connectivity is all about.

To prepare for future ways of working and keep up with an increasingly blurred business and personal life, businesses need to ensure they’re investing in the right systems to usher in a new dawn for broadband. They need faster connectivity, cloud adoption, and easy, secure access to information to stay ahead of the game. Providers that help them overcome the last mile will be the first port of call.

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Come together, right now, over FTTP

By 2023, chat-based collaboration tools are set to overtake the use of internal email, according to CCS Insights4. New technologies are replacing old favourites at a rapid rate, but 40% of businesses5 still feel they need to upgrade their technology to accommodate the change in office and remote working.

As organisations revise their budgets, it’s not just video conferencing and collaboration technology that will take centre stage. We believe that All this technology needs superfast connectivity to support it, otherwise it’s just cash down the drain.

Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) is the latest capability to help businesses take a quantum leap in speed and reliability. It’s fast fibre that delivers simple and fast connectivity straight to your door, reducing latency, service loss, and buffering issues. It’s not just about eliminating the last mile, but going the extra.

Crunch time for cloud computing

Half of large firms are predicted to have more than 50% of their applications in the public cloud by 20236. Legacy technology is out the window, and businesses are looking to innovate as quickly as possible.

While cloud migration can boost employee productivity7, it can also have the added benefit of enabling other smart technologies. In the next few years, it’s predicted there’ll be a rise in smart network assistants8 that help users understand and optimise network performance, providing real-time analysis of usage. AI and machine learning technologies will certainly see a jump in popularity in order to help with any technology gap that comes from remote working.

However, this doesn’t mean a shift to the cloud is simple. Businesses are looking for a way to ease the transition with networks that integrate easily with cloud-based environments. They want flexibility, speed and automation. Organisations hoping to make large strides in their transformation projects need to check their connectivity before they take the jump – or risk a costly and complicated move to the cloud.

Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) can help businesses take two steps forward with a cloud-first solution. While legacy WAN technology is increasingly unfit for purpose, SD-WAN is built around agility, integrating easily with cloud-based environments, and giving network managers greater control.

For businesses looking to eliminate any connectivity issues, we believe a network fit for the cloud is crucial.

40% of businesses still feel they need to upgrade their technology to accommodate the change in office and remote working.

Home is where the hardware is

Is the future of work a Netflix-style network? As work and personal boundaries blur, businesses are increasingly expecting consumer-grade experience from their technology. This might mean a phase out of yearly contracts in favour of a ‘cancel any time’ policy9, or productivity-focused hardware such as new laptops designed for work rather than entertainment. Spending on business-related products is predicted to replace personal expenses on smart devices in the next couple of years10.

But it’s not just hardware that organisations will be concerned with to meet their employee’s expectations. More than a quarter (26%) of all internet users rely on Virtual Private Network (VPN) services11, a completely managed intelligent network solution that will meet the demands of any home worker. The uptick in VPNs is partly down to concerns around data loss, and as spending on devices increases, so does the need for a next-level network.


Businesses are turning to new technology more than ever before, but just because they’re looking to part with their cash, doesn’t mean they’re investing in the right place. We want to help customers move forward to realise their ambitions by focusing on the technology that can help to create value – and this means gearing up for a new dawn in broadband, designed to elevate any investment in technology. We want to ensure legacy technology is a thing of the past, and collaborative, productive workplaces are our customers’ future.

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