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Transforming business with innovative collaboration tools

Discover how Vodafone Business and Microsoft experts Centrality worked together to deliver boundless collaboration opportunities to a luxury carpet manufacturer.

  • Ulster Carpets seamlessly transitioned away from their existing on-premise infrastructure.
  • Ulster updated to Office 365 and staff received training, preventing disruption to daily operations.
  • Ulster benefitted from a close partnership between Vodafone Business and Centrality, a top five Microsoft Solutions Partner.

Getting to know Ulster Carpets

Ulster designs and manufactures custom carpets for the world’s leading hotels, cruise ships and casinos, as well as offering an extensive residential range that can be found in homes across Europe.

The company, which also has a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, sought to enhance its IT infrastructure by utilising more cloud-based resources.

This commitment to excellence has enabled Ulster to provide a service that is both robust and secure, meeting and exceeding the expectations of its customers.

"The Microsoft solution from Vodafone Business and Centrality has improved communication within our business. We have implemented cloud solutions where practical and financially viable, allowing us to benefit from quicker data access, scalability and resilience. This investment in technology is already paying dividends, with our teams now able to collaborate and communicate faster and more effectively than ever before."

Kim Lucas, IT Director, Ulster Carpets

Identifying the benefits of cloud

As the demand for access to systems and geographically dispersed locations increases, so does the need for structured, strategic digital solutions.

Our primary objective was to inspire, support, improve, and underpin Ulster Carpet’s business strategy by deploying technologies that drive innovation and efficiencies to enable Ulster Carpets to be a world-class leader.

This transition to the cloud will enable Ulster to take advantage of innovative technologies and industry best practices, driving operational efficiency and enhancing scalability for the future.

Partnering to drive positive change

Recognising the challenges Ulster faced, we brought in our trusted partner, Centrality, a UK top 5 Microsoft Solutions Partner and our experts for anything Microsoft-related.

Their end-to-end Microsoft 365 offering made them the perfect choice for this project. Working closely together, we helped Ulster transition away from their existing client-server based application through a gradual migration.

Ulster upgraded all computers, and Centrality delivered staff training to aid adoption and ensure zero disruption to daily operations. The entire project was completed remotely, observing the lockdown restrictions at the time – from discovery to delivery, and everything in between.

Enhancing communication and collaboration

Microsoft 365 instantly proved to be much easier to use.

The suite of software and cloud-based services integrated seamlessly with Ulster’s existing use of Microsoft Teams – making communication and collaboration much more intuitive.

Our delivery of Microsoft 365 provided the reassurance of distribution across all Ulster locations and not just on one site. Consequently, the entire organisation is now connected together like never before – and disaster recovery is more resilient to any further changes.

Looking to the future

Ulster has totally transformed the way they work.

By partnering with us – rather than using us as just another supplier – they’ve been able to build a relationship that can be taken forward, and we’ll remain on hand to help the company continue along their digital journey.

As we look to the future together, we’re expecting Ulster to dial up the benefits of their Microsoft implementation further. This, in addition to Vodafone Business’s own support services, is a powerful combination that will take Ulster into the next phase of their growth – and beyond.

Our Microsoft solutions can help you too

Visit our Microsoft services and solutions webpage to learn more about how we can help your business.

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