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To gain the competitive edge, retailers need to know how to respond to the preferences of todays customer. 

Today’s customers are more demanding and more connected than ever, and the boundaries between online and in-store shopping are blurring. With the economy on the road to recovery, fewer retailers are in distress and can now actively invest in new strategies to address the ways people are choosing to shop.

Integrating digital with the high street is an absolute necessity if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. The percentage of retail sales made online is growing year on year, and we’ve also seen the rise of the “Clicks and Bricks” customer, who does research online and buys in store (or vice versa). Our range of fixed, mobile and hosting technologies can enable you to offer your customers flexible, efficient and attractive options while managing operational costs.

Tackling retail challenges


Convenience redefined

Customers expect a full retail experience whether they choose to shop online or in store – or both, as with Click and Collect and other multi-channel experiences. Convenience is paramount to customers, so you need to be primed for retail action whenever, however and wherever your customers want it.


Viva the high street

The high street continues to thrive despite online competition, but will need to continually redefine itself for a digital future. Customers expect a seamless multi-channel experience and in-store connectivity like self-service screens and WiFi. A digitally-enabled bricks and mortar store is crucial to delivering great service and giving customers the choice they desire.


Get closer to your customers

Customers are increasingly expecting a personalised retail experience, so a deep understanding of your existing and potential customers’ needs is more important than ever to secure market share. New WiFi and analytics technology can tell you how your customers browse, compare and buy from your stores – so you can offer an experience that’s right for them.

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Make your supply chain more dynamic

24/7 customer service and sales means nothing if your supply chain can’t keep up with demand. Supply chains have to be more than just efficient – they need to be intelligent and dynamic, too. Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help you improve the way goods are ordered, tracked and ultimately delivered into the hands of customers.


Ensure your back end systems are robust, secure and flexible

Your customers expect fast delivery and consistently great service at all times, no matter what sudden surge or seasonal sale is happening. You need robust systems that work with legacy technology and are flexible enough for the future to avoid the risk of websites crashing, stock misinformation or data security breaches.


Digitally empower your people

Everyone is becoming more tech-savvy, but without cultural support within your business for the digital future, your customers won’t be the only ones you risk leaving unfulfilled. Customer-facing staff are your greatest brand advocates, but your employees can only be empowered to innovate if they can embrace the latest technology.

Connected retailing

Connected retailing

Connected retailing – a short story

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