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Digitally transforming retail experiences

Today every industry is going through fast transformational changes – perhaps none more so than retail and wholesale. Their customers are constantly connected, have high expectations and will switch quickly, so retailers must have a comprehensive strategy to ensure their relevance in the market. Digital solutions are crucial to this strategy, offering opportunities to improve the customer experience in store and online.

Vodafone is at the heart of this transformation. Working with both large and small retailers in the UK, we identify our customers’ unique challenges and future proof their operations with robust, secure solutions, while providing the support to build innovative customer experiences in-store.

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Delivering a great customer experience to drive business growth 

For retailers and wholesalers, it’s clear that developing the customer experience is key for driving growth. Read our interactive Retail and Wholesale Industry Spotlight digital brochure to learn more about the key challenges impacting retailers today, and how we’re helping businesses to deliver great customer experience. 

Download the digital brochure
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Retail Security Solutions

Giving your business better control by providing protection for your network, cloud and apps, operations and devices when it matters most.

Network Protection

Reduce the threat of cyber security risks for your business. We can assess, manage and monitor your firewalls to reduce vulnerabilities, and test your network to ensure it’s fully protected.

Secure Operations 

From phishing awareness services to managed Security Operations Centres (SOC), our services are built to protect your business from both external and internal threats. This includes those caused by high staff turnover and seasonal employees – one of the biggest challenges faced today.

Device Security

Keep your data and devices protected with Vodafone’s range of Mobile Threat defence, Endpoint protection and Unified Endpoint Management solutions. Our solutions are highly intelligent, designed to reduce the risk of downtime and reputational damage caused by security breaches.

Protection for Cloud and Apps 

Keep work private and data safe with intelligent technology that identifies and proactively responds to threats as they arise. With Vodafone's management and monitoring services you can successfully maintain control of your data within your ecosystem of bricks and mortar and ecommerce stores.

Why Vodafone Business for Retail?

Retail’s in our DNA

  • Vodafone is uniquely placed to empower retailers with technology that enables everything and everyone in an organisation to be better connected. We provide the networks, technology and solutions that help retail businesses gain a competitive advantage today, and position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities tomorrow.
  • With more than 15,500 stores and 50,000 retail managers, we have deep understanding and experience of running a successful retail enterprise in a fast-moving, always-on retail market – both online and in-store.
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