Block Management offers prompt customer service with Vodafone One Net Business 


  • Block Management is a one-stop shop for block and estate management for a wide range of clients across the UK.

  • They needed a customisable communications solution to provide customers with prompt responses.

  • With Vodafone One Net Business, Block Management is confident that their clients can quickly get through to one of their advisors.

Meet Block Management  

Block Management UK Ltd is a property management company with offices all over the UK. Their team has been successfully supplying their services since 2003. They act for a varied range of clients with diverse portfolios of managed property, from blocks of two units to large developments and estates. 

The challenge 

Prompt customer service 

The company’s support team service centre is in East Anglia, while property managers are deployed in offices across the UK. Block Management staff are constantly on the road conducting general property inspections. They might check a broken door or investigate a loose snake in an apartment complex. To give prompt responses to customer calls, the company needed a scalable connectivity solution. 

“Using the One Net Business system, no matter what the call is, we are 100% confident that our clients will always get through.”

The solution 

Immediate responses 

Vodafone helped Block Management install One Net Business, which worked seamlessly even after they moved their main office.

The solution combines fixed and mobile communications so Block Management staff can always respond to customer enquiries. Even if staff go out daily on property inspections, with One Net Business they can be available from any of their devices. What's more, the management is confident that clients can always speak to the right advisor.

This fully integrated communications service is possible because Vodafone is the first network in the UK to offer a converged service.

The benefits 

Quick and effective communication 

Block Management is making the most of One Net Business extensive feature set – from the ability to divert calls to their admin teams to the hunt group feature. As Joshua Edgar, Property Manager, explains, “The biggest feature that helps me from One Net Business is the ability to divert calls to our admin team. With the hunt group feature we can assign who’s on the call and our clients will always get through to someone who can help them.”

In addition, they use the online portal to manage their connectivity, which is paramount to their business. With One Net Business the team has become more responsive and efficient.

One Net Business

Standard features 

One Net Business has everything from a business phone system, including call forwarding, hold messaging, call displays and voicemail features.  

Enhanced features 

With One Net Business, you can pick up and join calls, assign alternative numbers and set up larger conference calls. 

Unified collaboration 

Access information, see staff availability and share messages and documents – all in real time with One Net Business. 

Staying ahead of the competition 

When businesses cater to the wants and needs of their customers, they can stay ahead of the competition. The best way to please clients is through quick and effective communication.

One Net Business not only allows Block Management to make the most of every opportunity but also to grow and scale their business.

“Due to our reputation with certain locations, our portfolio has probably quadrupled over the last five years. The Vodafone product allows us to expand very, very quickly,” emphasises David.

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