LLS scales its global operations with Vodafone One Net Business 


  • LLS delivers training courses to the next generation of sports industry professionals.

  • With a massive growth in the last ten years and their team becoming global, the company needed a flexible and dependable solution to be always available.

  • Vodafone One Net Business made it easy for staff to answer all incoming calls whether in the office, at home or on the road.

Meet LLS 

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Woolton, Liverpool, LLS is on a mission to train the next generation of sports industry professionals. These include coaches, PE teachers, personal trainers and physiotherapists.

With educational centres in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Qatar and Tenerife, LLS delivers its award-winning full-time courses to over 300 students.

The challenge 

In the last ten years, the company has seen a massive growth, with an ever-increasing number of students and a global team.  

This ongoing expansion means courses now take place across various locations and time zones. The company therefore wanted to find a way to stay connected with each other, coaches, students and parents.

Receiving over 100 calls a day, LLS needed a flexible and reliable communications solution to be used by the entire team. 

“One of the biggest challenges in running LLS is that we’re spread out. Sometimes we’re in different cities, sometimes in different countries. Ensuring that the quality remains high at all times is crucial.”

The solution 

Using Vodafone One Net Business, LLS now have the communication that’s vital for their business. Combining the flexibility of mobile communication with the benefits of a telephone system, they never have to miss a call, even at the busiest times.

With 12 staff members answering phones, they’ve seen a record number of applicants getting through to the company. Whether the LLS team is in the office, at home or on the road, communication is more flexible and simpler than ever before.  

Many employees are working remotely with teams around the world, so the ability to solve problems or answer queries is important to keep business moving.

The benefits 

Thanks to a range of features deployed by One Net Business, customers can call the company’s main Liverpool number and be easily transferred to the right person.

If parents want to check up on their child, they can be put directly through to a coach out in the field. LLS can also set up a dedicated emergency contact number when taking children on trips, reassuring parents that they’re always able to get in touch.

One Net Business and Vodafone’s connectivity have also enabled LLS to hold remote weekly meetings with senior team members based around the UK.

LLS also rolled out Vodafone tablet devices for employees. These tablets allow coaches to make notes on pupils’ progress and film training sessions if they need to. All this information can be uploaded and monitored in real time, no longer needing to carry around pen and paper to lessons.

New opportunities  

Using Vodafone One Net Business, LLS has the technology it needs to power growth over the next few years and continue to help young people achieve their goals.

For LLS, the success of the business is not only measured by growth but by the new opportunities the company creates for young people.

“It makes us feel really proud to help young people achieve fantastic things in their lives,” concludes Jordan.

One Net Business 

Standard features 

One Net Business has everything from a business phone system, including call forwarding, hold messaging, call displays and voicemail features.  

Enhanced features 

With One Net Business, you can pick up and join calls, assign alternative numbers and set up larger conference calls. 

Unified collaboration 

Access information, see staff availability and share messages and documents – all in real time with One Net Business. 

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