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Business Efficiency

How to achieve business efficiency through digitalisation

Taking the first steps to digital transformation

If you’re looking to make your business more efficient through digital transformation, here’s some good news. There’s no need to change everything at once. By starting small and testing to see what works, you’ll soon be making ground towards greater efficiency.

What is digital transformation?

What digital transformation comes down to is leaving legacy systems behind, embracing new tech and challenging old ways of working. It means fundamentally changing your operations and your customer experience. One outcome of this is a significantly more efficient business.

As you know, efficiency is a clear sign of a future-proof organisation. Streamlined processes can save money, help get your products to market more quickly and improve staff productivity. And all these things will ultimately give you a competitive edge.

To get a picture of how close you are to achieving this, consider these questions:

  • Do you currently measure efficiency and productivity in your business?
  • In which areas does your business you need to be more efficient?
  • What will greater efficiency enable you to do?
  • And what do you need to know in order to make the changes?

How do I make my business more efficient?

Start by making small changes where you can make the biggest gains. Pick specific areas and test, iterate and implement solutions.

57% of professionals want digital transformation to improve efficiency within their organisation

Vodafone’s new Digital, Ready? report has found that using digital tech to build a leaner and more efficient organisation is the top priority for British businesses.

  • Overall, 57% of professionals want digital transformation to improve efficiency within their organisation
  • Close to two-thirds (60%) of large businesses see digitalisation as a path towards efficiency
  • 43% of those surveyed considered cost saving to be a major issue. Improved efficiency is key to achieving this.

The digital future of facilities management

Mitie’s Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Chris Copeland, explains how to navigate a business through digital transformation, from the challenges faced to how technology has transformed their efficiency.

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