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Adrienne Herbert: Brand Productivity & Wellbeing

Adrienne's top tips for balancing productivity and wellbeing.  


Adrienne joined us as one of four guest V-Hub advisers who took over our Instagram channel in March.

Adrienne's session focused on boosting performance, and was aimed at those looking for motivational and goal setting tips. Here, she follows up her highly informative session with her tips for getting the balance right between your wellbeing and productivity.

“ Allocate your time wisely, focusing on what truly matters.”


One of the most effective things I do is share my goals with people that are close to me. Every few weeks or months we meet, discuss our goals and how we achieved them and set new ones. It’s important that you’re doing this reciprocally, and you’re both keeping each other accountable. It’s best to choose someone who is super supportive and can help motivate you to achieve what you want to. Reach out to someone in a similar position to you. Just tell them one single important thing that you have to do that week, then check in with each other at the end of the week.

Big goals, small steps

When setting goals for ourselves or our businesses, it’s beneficial to aim for ambitious targets that make a significant impact. However, these goals can often seem too immense, unrealistic, and overwhelming. The key to overcoming this feeling is to break down those goals into smaller, more manageable steps. The more detailed and specific these smaller goals are, the better. Each of these small goals should represent a crucial step toward achieving the ultimate objective.


The busy world we live in is competitive. We can have many personal and professional priorities contending for our time. Whilst we cannot stretch ourselves to focus on each one at the same time – after all, they are priorities – we can prioritize them individually for a specific duration. By concentrating on one priority at a time, we can invest 100% of our energy into it, enabling us to accomplish it faster and to a higher standard.

My 3 big tips for SMEs

1. Preparation breeds success:

Invest time in thorough preparation to pave the way for achievement. Research, strategize, and gather resources to boost your confidence and knowledge.
2. Time well-spent:

Allocate your time wisely, focusing on what truly matters. Strike a balance between your passions, relationships, and personal wellbeing for a fulfilling work-life harmony.

3. It takes a village:

Nurture valuable connections with supportive individuals who share your interests and goals. Engage in networking opportunities to harness collective wisdom and unlock pathways to success.

I recently did an Instagram Live on productivity as a guest V-Hub adviser. Here are my top picks from the questions that were asked:

Should you consult other people on your goals?

Definitely, but choose wisely. Seek advice from individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed and are willing to hold you accountable.

How do you keep yourself accountable?

You have to ask yourself some challenging questions: What is the driving force behind your aspirations? How does pursuing this goal contribute to your personal growth? What tangible achievements do you envision for yourself in the next twelve months?

How can you use goals to celebrate success?

Take a moment to truly celebrate your accomplishments. It’s common to quickly move on to the next goal once one is achieved, but it’s important to pause and acknowledge how far you’ve come. Embrace a well-deserved break to appreciate your progress.

Looking for more help and support? Why not speak to our expert V-Hub advisers for free for more guidance on your productivity goals. 

Adrienne Herbert - Productivity Expert

International keynote speaker, podcast host & author. Adrienne’s weekly podcast ‘Power Hour’ has now reached more than 3 million downloads.

Adrienne delivers workshops and keynotes for global brands to motivate and empower their employees to perform at their best in work and life. She is the epitome of a digital entrepreneur and is also a brand adviser specialising in wellbeing, technology and innovation.

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