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Ali Abdaal: Elevating Business Success

Ali's top tips for building a business


Ali joined us as one of four guest V-Hub advisers who took over our Instagram channel in April. 

Ali's session focused on digital marketing and tech to transform your business and streamline the way you work. Here, he follows up his highly informative session with support on building your business. 

“By creating content that delivers value upfront, you can establish trust with your audience...”

Market yourself by leading with value

Marketing is simply education. Marketing is not pushing your product onto people. No one likes feeling like they’re being sold to. Rather than pushing your product onto potential customers, focus on educating and providing value to them. View marketing as a means of enlightening people about the benefits you can offer. By creating content that delivers value upfront, you can establish trust with your audience, prioritizing education over direct product promotion.

Who to hire first, and who do you hire second?

I love the theory that a business should have a visionary and an integrator. This concept, derived from Gino Wickman’s book Traction, emphasizes the collaboration of these two individuals who complement each other’s strengths. The visionary is the idea generator, and the integrator is
the one who makes things happen.

Building a business whilst working a 9–5...

…is possible! Don’t fret if you’re building a business while working a full-time job. The key is to make the most of the time you have available. Look for opportunities to maximize minutes when hours are scarce. Implement effective time management techniques such as time-blocking to stay organized, prioritise tasks and make steady progress.

Ali Abdaal - YouTuber, Podcaster, Entrepreneur and Author

Ali Abdaal creates content aimed at helping people live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Since leaving medicine two years ago, he’s grown his online business to over $4.5 million in annual revenue in 2022 and has established himself as an authority in both the spaces of productivity and educational content creation.

Ali’s book recommendations

The Pathless Path


The Pathless Path delves into the profound realm of uncertainty faced by entrepreneurs. It explores the conventional trajectory that many individuals follow in life, characterized by secure jobs, stable careers, and upward progression. In contrast, it illuminates the uncharted territory known as the Pathless Path, chosen by daring entrepreneurs. This insightful book profoundly impacted me to realize and accept the perpetual uncertainty inherent in my chosen career, while simultaneously
revealing the inherent beauty within it.

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Steal Like an Artist


In an era where truly original concepts are scarce, the key lies in shifting our mindset and embracing the art of sharing our distinctive perspectives. It’s not merely about duplicating someone’s techniques, but rather recognizing the value they offer and learning from their approach, aligning it with our aspirations.
This book has empowered me to navigate the realm of creativity with renewed inspiration and a profound understanding of artistic influence.

A man sitting outside with a laptop looks deep in thought



Traction by Gina Wickman is an essential read for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to achieve long-term success. With a practical and actionable approach, Wickman presents the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), providing valuable insights and tools to drive organisational growth, enhance team dynamics, and propel businesses toward their goals.

A man sitting outside with a laptop looks deep in thought

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