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Get more from your Facebook presence

Discover Facebook tools to drive your business online


Managing a Facebook business page can sound like a lot of work, but it’s an extremely powerful way of growing and expanding your organisation.

Tapping into more than 2 billion people who use Facebook every single day, you can use Facebook tools to:

  • Build your online presence
  • Communicate with your customers
  • Drive business results

Matt, Community Trainer for the Facebook Small Business Team, tells us more.

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How to get more from your Facebook presence

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1.  Grow your following


The content in your posts can turn viewers into followers.

Publish posts on relevant industry info, product updates, new services or events you will be holding. Make sure you showcase the character of your business – interesting posts engage viewers and encourage them into liking, commenting and returning to your page.

To get tips on how to grab your audience’s attention, read our piece on how to get creative with your mobile phone

Top tip: Posts should be frequent and relatable to your audience. A long wait between posts makes people wonder if your company is still in business.


With Stories, you share images and videos that only last for 24 hours. Use stories to give that personal, behind-the-scenes look at your business.

Top tip: Give control to different employees, so that people get to know members of staff through short and fun videos – when they visit your store, they will see a friendly and familiar face.

2.  Make meaningful customer connections


The majority of people prefer to message rather than call customer service, so use messenger to allow customers to instantly contact you in the way they prefer.

Top tip: Set up a customised instant reply for when you are not working, thanking customers for contacting you and directing them to your other content in the meantime.

This will give you a high response rate and a fast response time, earning your page a “Very responsive to messages” badge.


Groups generate discussion around your members’ shared interests and let you discover what matters most to your customers. This can help inform your business decisions.

Top tip: Once you have a sizeable online following, start chats around a key topic or product and give exclusive content/offers to make your members feel special.

3.  Tools to help improve business results

Facebook Shops

There is no limit on how many products you can add – although you may want to stick to your bestsellers. With this tool, you can see how many clicks and purchases there are for each product.

Top tip: Use Facebook Shops to advertise your products and services on Instagram and Marketplace.

Call to action buttons

Call to action buttons (or CTAs) direct your customers to do something important, like visiting your website or calling you.

Top tip: Choose CTA text that keeps it simple, and is most relevant to your type of business, like:

  • Book now
  • Shop now
  • Order now


Organise and respond to events to attract potential customers to gatherings for product releases, sales events and promotions.

Top tip: Give incentives for people to bring a friend with special access or exclusive offers.


The Appointments tool shows the services you offer, your availability, and manages appointment requests.

Top tip: Customise reminder messages to prevent ‘no shows.’


It’s time-consuming to manage job adverts across multiple job vacancy sites. Jobs is a free Facebook tool that makes it easier to reach and hire the right candidates, in one place from your mobile phone.

Top tip: Keep language simple, be specific, state the salary, benefits and job hours, and always respond promptly.

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