Nine Samsung Galaxy AI features to boost productivity

Work smarter, not harder: New Galaxy AI features to make your SME more productive with Samsung.

Have you ever wanted to communicate in another language, or have your shared notes curated and actioned? Perhaps you want to take your content skills to the next level, or find answers to big questions with real ease? Discover how AI is boosting workplace communication, connectivity, productivity and creativity.

We’re entering a new era of mobile productivity – one that will be defined not by the ‘smartphone’, but by the ‘AI phone’. And Samsung Galaxy AI is leading the way.

Today, AI, which was Collins Word of the Year for 2023, is no longer for an elite few or the extremely tech-savvy. Instead, it’s being democratised so that everyone can enjoy barrier-free access.

Here, we take an in-depth look at nine of the exciting new features of Galaxy AI on Samsung devices, and how they can benefit businesses.

1. Circle to Search with Google

Discover more about just about anything with Circle to Search with Google.

Simply circle any object or text and, just like that, you’ll be able to access instant search results.

2. Live Translate

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can, with the help of this feature, open doors to opportunity in different countries and regions, therefore improving connectivity.

With Live Translate to one of 13 languages, which automatically translates speech during voice calls, you can communicate with customers, investors and partners around the world.*

Employees abroad will also have greater peace of mind that they can travel with ease – calling for taxis, for example, without being misunderstood.

3. Note Assist

Today, professionals in a huge range of industries take vast amounts of notes during their days. But this task can be made much simpler by using the S Pen** backed up by Galaxy AI.

Their Galaxy S24 Series device can then tidy up and categorise what’s jotted down – automatically formatting, spacing and aligning all notes. It can create short summaries, too. And for those working abroad, the S24 can even translate notes into foreign languages.

4. Transcript Assist

Employees and leaders alike can ensure that calls and meetings are recorded accurately – thanks to Transcript Assist.

Meeting minutes are captured in text format, organised by individual speaker, translated and even summarised – all of which saves huge amounts of time and, crucially, ensures accountability.

5. Chat Assist

Anyone, regardless of their skills and talents, can do their best wordsmith work ever – even in a language that’s not their own – with Chat Assist***.

Simply type out documents, emails and notes as normal before letting Galaxy AI take over. This tech will automatically check your tone of voice, grammar and spelling – offering suggestions to ensure things look as perfectly professional as possible.

This feature means that anyone who writes regularly will find their workday made much simpler and more efficient – boosting productivity enormously.

6. Browsing Assist

A whole host of different employees – from anyone who has to analyse data to those conducting research – will find this to be their new favourite tool

That’s because Browsing Assist translates and summarises web pages to provide concise analysis and insight, speeding up work dramatically.

7. Photo Assist

Photo Assist allows anyone in your business to make engaging and eye-capturing content.

Get brighter, sharper, more natural-looking images and videos effortlessly, and then let the AI engine enhance them further still.

Plus, if you don’t get the shot you’re looking for first time, you can fix it in an instant.

Remove stray elements and enhance the image with effects like long exposure, Star Trail or Portrait Mode – or simply opt to recompose the image entirely.

8. Intelligent Gallery

The Intelligent Gallery offers an enriched viewing experience with features such as Super HDR.

For photos, it brightens up highlights in all images, and for HDR format videos, it enhances the HDR effect while dimming non-HDR areas.

Another notable feature is AI Slow Motion, which generates additional frames based on movements – allowing you to smoothly slow down exciting moments within your content.

9. Your workday clearly on display

See things for longer, with optimised power consumption that keeps your device alive for four hours more****. You can choose from a variety of customisable widgets on your Always-On Display too, to get instant insights into your day ahead – without unlocking your screen.

And when you need further information, accessing your apps is quicker, too. In fact, touch response speed has been improved by up to 12%.

The Galaxy S24 Series is a giant leap forward, built to help businesses and employees maximise their productivity and connectivity without increasing their workload.

With AI-powered features, the S24 Series can supercharge your capabilities in the workplace, helping to shortcut repetitive tasks and amplify your best work beyond anything you originally thought possible.

In short, doing business with the help of Galaxy AI and Circle to Search with Google makes you wonder how you ever worked without it.

Still wondering how to get started with AI for your business? No problem. It can be overwhelming at first but you can get 1-2-1 support by speaking to one of our V-Hub Digital Advisers.

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*Available in 13 languages from launch. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

**S24 Ultra only.

***Chat Assist is available in 35 languages from launch.

*****Compared to previous model.

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