Galaxy AI on Samsung devices improves connectivity for SMEs

Improve your small business connectivity with Galaxy AI on Samsung devices.

Good connectivity is the lifeblood that keeps businesses of all shapes and sizes afloat, with benefits ranging from higher staff retention to increased productivity. So, how can SMEs embrace it?

The world today has never been larger but felt smaller. Populations have soared to new, unanticipated heights. But with 57% of the population, or 4.6 billion people, now using mobile internet, we’re all connected in a way that was almost unimaginable even just 20 years ago.

We also travel and trade at speed and with ease, work more flexibly than ever before (as well as in a way that transcends time zones), and communicate seamlessly, no matter where in the world we are.

In a bid to win customers and retain employees, businesses, including SMEs, need connectivity, demonstrating that proximity, location and presenteeism are very much things of the past.

What are the benefits of connectivity?

A connected workplace will ultimately help businesses increase productivity, both among employees and via processes. It does this by providing:

  • Flexibility: Creating a flexible but connected workplace is creating an employee-first workplace. This includes schedules that allow employees to take care of their family, home, and health engagements.

  • Accessibility: Everyone wants to be seen and honoured for who they are and what makes them unique. A workplace that’s flexible and inclusive ensures every employee has the access to resources, information, training, and collaboration that they need.

  • Cost efficiency: A connected workplace will help your business improve its productivity, knowledge management, and time management, which in turn drives better company performance.

Crucially, greater levels of connectivity within workplaces are linked to:

  • Better teamwork

  • Higher staff retention

  • Improved communication

  • Increased productivity

  • And higher engagement

How to boost connectivity

Meaningful connections are an important predictor of whether someone will be happy, healthy, and successful in their job. But what can be done to have strong connectivity within an SME?

1. Information should flow through the company with ease. This includes from the top-down, from bottom-up, and even in a peer-to-peer fashion.

2. Employees should feel comfortable, be encouraged to ask questions and offer feedback to managers, all with ease. The right channels are absolutely key here, too.

3. Employees should be celebrated. This can be achieved by encouraging dialogues, providing regular feedback, and promoting transparency.

4. Employees should be provided with the right tech and tools, and AI should be utilised. This will make it easy for management to send the right information to the right employees at the right time, and for employees to share their knowledge, brainstorm, and collaborate across multiple locations.

Ultimately, by providing the opportunity to work in the most efficient ways possible, SMEs will not only improve productivity, but they will improve satisfaction at work and reduce the risk of employee burnout.

Samsung Galaxy AI and its role in connectivity

With Galaxy AI, you can connect with colleagues and customers across languages, cultures and devices, discovering and sharing new big ideas. Here, we look at just some of the features that enable this to happen.

1. Live Translate

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can, with the help of this feature, open doors to opportunity in different countries and regions, therefore improving connectivity.

With Live Translate to one of 13 languages*, which automatically translates speech during voice calls, you can communicate with customers, investors and partners around the world.

Employees abroad will also have greater peace of mind that they can travel with ease – calling for taxis, for example, without being misunderstood.

2. Circle to Search with Google

Discover more about just about anything with Circle to Search with Google.

Simply circle any object or text and, just like that, you'll be able to access instant search results.

3. Note Assist

Today, professionals in a huge range of industries take vast amounts of notes during their days. But this task can be made much simpler by using the S Pen** backed up by Galaxy AI.

Their Galaxy S24 Series device can then tidy up and categorise what’s jotted down – automatically formatting, spacing and aligning all notes. It can create short summaries, too. And for those working abroad, the S24 can even translate notes into foreign languages.

4. Transcript Assist

Employees and leaders alike can ensure that calls and meetings are recorded accurately – thanks to Transcript Assist***.

Meeting minutes are captured in text format, organised by individual speaker, translated and even summarised, all of which saves huge amounts of time and, crucially, ensures accountability.

The Galaxy S24 Series is a giant leap forward – built to help businesses and employees maximise their productivity and connectivity without increasing their workload.

With AI-powered features, the S24 Series can supercharge your capabilities in the workplace, helping to shortcut repetitive tasks and amplify your best work beyond anything you originally thought possible.

In short, doing business with the help of Galaxy AI and Circle to Search with Google makes you wonder how you ever worked without it.

Still wondering how to get started with AI for business? No problem. It can be overwhelming at first but you can get 1-2-1 support by speaking to one of our V-Hub Digital Advisers.

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*Available in 13 languages from launch. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed

**S24 Ultra only.

***Service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

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