Boost productivity with Samsung AI tools

How Samsung can take your SME’s productivity to new heights.

Maximising productivity without adding to employees’ workload is the Holy Grail for small businesses. So, how can you achieve that for your SME – and what are the tools to help you get there?

Productivity is a cornerstone of the success of SMEs. And, with many SMEs relying on a small, tight and hard-working teams to hold the fort, keep customers happy and turn profits – good productivity goes hand in hand with a highly-motivated workforce.

As a result, much of an SME owner’s time, thinking and budget goes into ensuring that their teams have to tools needed to do the job – giving productivity that all important boost.

Despite those efforts, there remains plenty of room for improvement around productivity in the UK.

According to Goldman Sachs, the increase in annual average productivity in the UK is currently a meagre 0.2%.

Meanwhile, recent research by the ONS, shows the UK’s productivity levels are a massive 16% below the average for the other members of the G7 group of industrial nations.

In a bid to improve these stats, the most innovative SMEs in the UK are spending 48% of their annual revenue on technology, with 45% doing so in a bid to increase productivity.

How to boost productivity in your SME

There are a number of areas SME owners and managers can focus on to motivate staff and boost productivity.

Connections matters

Given that hybrid working and widely spread workforces remain the method of choice for most SMEs, more and more are relying on cloud-storage to enable their widely distributed workforces to collaborate effectively – making that a key areas for productivity.

However, if network connections are slow and unreliable, employees can become frustrated at being unable to complete day-to-day tasks or access the information they need. This means that productivity can plummet even further.


The quality of leadership and management practices can significantly impact employee productivity – with good leadership tending to inspire hard work throughout the workday.

Ineffective management practices or a toxic company culture, meanwhile, can lead to communication or demotivation, which will negatively impact productivity.

Company culture

In a Small Business Pulse survey, 86% of entrepreneurs agreed that company culture, which is how employees feel connected to the work they do and the organisation they work for, helps improve productivity.

If employees see the values they support in their workplace on a daily basis, they'll be more encouraged to bring their best selves to every task they perform.

Training and development

When your employees are not trained properly, they'll spend more time trying to figure out how to complete a task rather than actually doing it. This leads to frustration and negative self-criticism.

Technology and tools

The use of appropriate technologies and tools can enhance efficiency and streamline processes. As we mentioned above, however, outdated methodologies or malfunctioning tools can lead to frustration and delays.

The rise of the AI phone

We’re now entering a new era of mobile productivity – one that will be defined not by the ‘smartphone’, but by the ‘AI phone’ – which is likely to play an increasing role in SME productivity going forward.

AI can improve employee productivity in a number of ways. It can:

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Support customers

  • Enhance decision-making

  • Tailor training and development programmes

  • Monitor employee performance and give feedback

  • Optimise workflows

  • And generate content

In this area, the Galaxy AI on Samsung devices is leading the way. Here, we take an in-depth look at just some of the exciting new features of Galaxy AI on Samsung devices, and how they can boost productivity.

1. Live Translate to one of 13 languages*

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can, with the help of this feature, open doors to opportunity in different countries and regions, therefore improving connectivity.

With Live Translate, which automatically translates speech during voice calls, you can communicate with customers, investors and partners around the world.

2. Circle to Search with Google

Discover more about just about anything with Circle to Search with Google.

Simply circle any object or text and, just like that, you'll be able to access instant search results.

3. Note Assist

Today, professionals in a huge range of industries take vast amounts of notes during their days. But this task can be made much simpler by using the S Pen** backed up by Galaxy AI.

Their Galaxy S24 Series device can then tidy up and categorise what’s jotted down, automatically formatting, spacing and aligning all notes. It can create short summaries, too. And for those working abroad, the S24 can even translate notes into foreign languages.

4. Transcript Assist

Employees and leaders alike can ensure that calls and meetings are recorded accurately – thanks to Transcript Assist.

Meeting minutes are captured in text format, organised by individual speaker, translated and even summarised, all of which saves huge amounts of time and, crucially, ensures accountability.

5. Browsing Assist

A whole host of different employees – from anyone who has to analyse data to those conducting research – will find this to be their new favourite tool

That’s because Browsing Assist translates and summarises web pages to provide concise analysis and insight, speeding up work dramatically.

The Galaxy S24 Series is a giant leap forward – built to help businesses and employees maximise their productivity and connectivity without increasing their workload.

With AI-powered features, the S24 Series can supercharge your capabilities in the workplace, helping to shortcut repetitive tasks and amplify your best work beyond anything you originally thought possible.

In short, doing business with the help of Galaxy AI and Circle to Search with Google makes you wonder how you ever worked without it.

In addition to these crucial elements, there’s a host of other factors that can contribute to employee productivity, too. So, what other areas can you focus on to boost your productivity?

Still wondering how to get started with AI for your business? No problem. It can be overwhelming at first but you can get 1-2-1 support by speaking to one of our V-Hub Digital Advisers.

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*Available in 13 languages from launch. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

**S24 Ultra only

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