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How To Test Your Own SEO Performance

A high website SEO score can help more customers find your business online. How can you check yours? Learn about the free software that could help.


Once your website has been set up, you need to make sure its search engine optimisation (SEO) score is as high as possible. By doing so, you may just help customers find your business online more easily.

Can you check this without paying someone to help? Absolutely, thanks to free software like Semrush or Seobility.  Here are three ways these options can help your website work at its very best.

#1: By catching errors

If things on your website don’t work as they should, your SEO score will be affected. This could be anything from being designed without thinking about how people will use it to including links that lead to wrong/non-existent pages (known as broken links).

When you use SEO software, like the free versions we've suggested above, will look for technical errors like these for you – and it’ll even give you a breakdown of how each page on your website is performing. This can then help you see where mistakes are being made, so you can avoid them in the future.

#2: By choosing the right keywords

A big part of your SEO score is based around keywords (specific words or phrases that define what your business does). The more accurate your keywords are, the higher your business will appear on a search engine result’s page (such as Google or Bing).

So, you need to use keywords to better your chance of customers finding you, rather than a competitor, when they search online – and SEO software can choose these words for you. Plus, you can even get the programme to check your competitors’ keywords as well, so you can learn from what they’re doing.

#3: By getting rid of duplicate information

If you use similar information across multiple pages on your website, it could negatively affect your score too. The good news is SEO software will spot this for you – making sure everything on your website is unique to help bring more customers in.

Make SEO testing part of your routine

To make sure your website performs at its best, testing your website’s SEO score should be on your to-do list every three or six months (at least). So, we recommend you put a recurring reminder in your calendar, explore free support options, and focus on helping your website get in front of more potential customers

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