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Industry expertise: Construction

Technology lets the construction industry connect and coordinate projects effectively, and provides the flexibility to respond rapidly when required.​

Construction companies are facing some real challenges in order to meet the UK Government’s 2025 vision for construction and the Barker Review targets. Building 250,000 new homes every year, and achieving 33% lower costs, 50% faster delivery, 50% lower emissions and a 50% improvement in exports are tough targets to reach. The need to re-assess and innovatively redefine the way you work is perhaps greater than ever.

We work extensively with leading construction companies and professional services teams. We understand  the challenges and opportunities for this sector, and are experienced in helping companies like yours to deliver cost-effective smart solutions to drive efficiencies, develop new revenue streams and extend your competitive advantage.

Tackling construction challenges


Rapid deployment of sites and connectivity

With many challenges that can slow down the delivery of new projects, your developments need to be up and running as quickly as possible. Our rapid deployment solutions mean you can connect and activate a new site within 48 hours. You’ll be able to collaborate both on- and off-site almost immediately, helping you to get work started and protect your assets and people straight away.


Managing your assets

To protect your vehicles, machinery and other equipment is to protect your ability to deliver projects safely, on time and on budget. Our IoT technology offers real-time monitoring of the location and usage of any asset or vehicle, anywhere in the world – letting you analyse performance and develop new, usage-based ways to manage your equipment costs.

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Smart innovations built in

The need to reduce costs and the carbon footprint means that the built environment is always evolving. Incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into traffic, parking, lighting and other key areas will create a smart, responsive infrastructure where services and servicing can be monitored and activated automatically.


Supporting your people

The construction sector employs over 10% of the UK workforce. That’s 3 million people that need to be working more collaboratively as practices and technologies change. Our Better Ways of Working methodology can help you and your people work in more efficient and effective ways to ensure your organisation is better placed in today’s always-connected world.


Protecting your people

The well-being of lone workers, or those in dangerous positions, has long been an issue for the construction industry. But with our mobile working solutions, all your people will have access to the right technology to stay in touch – including the monitoring of remote workers and provision of immediate automatic access to emergency services and support when they need it most.  

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