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Digitally transforming manufacturing processes

Times are changing for manufacturers, with greater demands coming from both business customers and end consumers. Despite many external factors affecting the industry, including macro-social, political and economic trends, evolution continues. Manufacturers have been working towards Industry 4.0, and now 5.0 – a move beyond efficiency and productivity goals to place focus on the contribution of the industry to society.

Vodafone Business can help manufacturers build smart, sustainable, and secure operations to overcome today’s challenges and future-proof their business for tomorrow.

Smart manufacturing plant and tablet with monitoring software

Building smart, sustainable, and secure operations

Whether it’s carefully combining technology and expertise to digitalise production lines, securing data to meet industry compliance standards, or enabling sustainable operations to reduce the manufacturing industry’s impact on the world – we can help. Read our interactive Manufacturing Industry Spotlight digital brochure to learn how we can help overcome the challenges manufacturers are facing.

Man in smart factory using tablet

Smart Manufacturing Operations

Creating productive, adaptable environments that allow you to pivot to new demands, increase productivity and improve your business resiliency.

Dedicated MEC

Boost your productivity while protecting your business and people with dedicated Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) on our award-winning network.

Distributed MEC 

Get incredible real-time insights to make decisions faster, whilst facilitating a new class of cloud applications such as industrial robotic/drone automation, connected vehicles, AI and AR/VR infotainment.

IoT Solutions

Create bespoke IoT solutions to monitor your production equipment, asset tracking to monitor your goods and Fleet Analytics for vehicles in your supply chain and distribution channels.

Unified Communications 

Bring together fixed, mobile and messaging services on a single platform, or in a fully managed cloud-based service with Unified Communications (VBUC) - improving productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.


With connected wireless factories, predictive maintenance and high-speed processes, Vodafone 5G embraces smart automation to reduce costs and increase efficiency, addressing the needs of a changing workforce and innovating to remain competitive.

Mobile Private Networks

Revolutionise how you do business by bringing the network and the cloud closer to the devices that need them. MPN supports your business-critical services with a local network on your premises to ensure reliability, deliver extra capacity  and provide fast local processing capability.

Why Vodafone Business for manufacturing?

Vodafone Business is uniquely placed to empower manufacturers with technology that enables everything and everyone in the organisation to be better connected. We provide the networks, technology and solutions that help manufacturers gain a competitive edge today and take advantage of new opportunities tomorrow.

Manufacturing businesses are rethinking their operations model to include more circular practices and move towards low-carbon or carbon-neutral manufacturing systems in their transition to net zero. At Vodafone, we have significant experience in monitoring our own emissions and using technology to meet our net zero targets. Now we can help you do the same.

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