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Industry expertise: Utilities

When utilities providers take advantage of intelligent infrastructure, they can better deliver essential services to their customers while keeping their employees safe. ​

All utilities are facing similar challenges. Familiar demands of regulatory changes and seasonal surges combine with the need to integrate new technologies and securely deliver services and data to the right people at any time. Keeping people safe and helping them work in more efficient, effective ways is also vital to gain a competitive edge.

We work extensively with over 80% of UK utilities across water, electricity and gas, harnessing our proven understanding of your business and regulatory goals. We can offer a full range of converged technologies to support all levels of your organisation, from operations to retail. And our scalable infrastructure solutions can help you meet the requirements of new customers.

Tackling utilities challenges

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Beating the cost squeeze

Patterns of energy and water consumption are changing. New legislation requires investment in infrastructure and renewable sources, and new start-ups are upsetting the status quo. Investing in digital innovation will enable businesses to cut costs, improve efficiencies and remain competitive.


Customer expectations are rising

Consumers are becoming more demanding, and their expectations are being driven by what they’ve seen in other sectors. They want a personalised, omni-channel experience. Connective technology solutions can give your customers greater visibility and control, and provide you with a competitive edge.

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Disrupting supply

The rise of ‘prosumers’ – people who store and sell their own energy – is taking absolute distribution power away from providers. But energy companies are generating more power from sustainable sources and moving to smaller generator hubs nearer the point of consumption. Smart distribution and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will make it easier for you to monitor the health of mission-critical networks, and find and fix problems before they escalate.


Safer working, stronger business

Recent legislation has helped make the utilities sector a safer place to work. Mobile and collaborative technology can help monitor and protect lone workers, as well as giving field engineers full sight over every job. And IoT and smart devices give your organisation visibility over your physical and virtual infrastructure, protecting your assets and giving the real-time information needed to get more value from their usable life.


Tapping into talent

The younger generation has grown up using the Internet and mobile, collaborative technology – and they want to use similar consumer-grade tech at work. The industry must adopt these technologies to attract and retain ambitious talent.


Becoming data-designed

More utilities companies are moving towards business models based on the collection and analysis of data. This gives them insight into everything from demand management to customer preference, enabling smarter and faster decision-making based on facts rather than assumptions.

Vodafone and utilities providers – a short story

Preparing your business for the changing face of utilities.

Preparing your business for the changing face of utilities

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Why Vodafone for Utilities

See how our technology can help you connect your employees, improve operational agility and engage your customers better.

Why Vodafone for Utilities – infographic

See how our technology can help you connect your employees, improve operational agility and engage your customers better.

Six game-changing utilities trends

We’ve identified the six game-changing challenges that are opening-up new opportunities for utility organisations, and how you can capitalise on them.

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