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Inbound Voice

Our Inbound Voice service provides non-geographic and virtual geographic numbers, management and reporting tools – enabling you to manage, monitor and optimise your incoming business calls, and ensure great customer service.

We know that seamless customer experience is critical for your business. Whether you have contact centres for customer support, sales or information service, our flexible service offering enables you to take control and build the right solution for your business.

We’ll work with you to help you select the right services and features, and to design and configure your call routing plans. Plus, our flexible price model will ensure that you find the solution that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

We have decades of experience in telecommunications, and as a recognised market leader of Inbound Voice services in the UK, we deliver over seven billion minutes per annum. This is why we’re trusted by ‘best-in-class’ companies to deliver reliability, stability and financial improvements.

Inbound Voice Service Video

Inbound Voice

See how our Inbound Voice service enables you to manage, monitor and optimise your incoming business calls, and ensure that your customers can contact you as easily as possible.

Number types

Choose the number type that fits your business the best and benefit from increased sales, by enabling your customers to call you at a reduced rate.


Freephone numbers

With our easily remembered ‘0800’ freephone numbers, your customers can contact you as conveniently as possible, as you’ll cover the cost of the incoming calls.


Local rate numbers

Our ‘01’, ‘02’ or ‘03’ local rate numbers allow your customers to avoid expensive national rates and call you at a local rate, no matter where in the country they are.


Revenue share and premium rate numbers

Generate income from your customers’ calls and offset the costs of your service with our ‘084-087’ revenue share and our ‘09’ premium rate numbers.


International inbound numbers

By providing international inbound numbers, you’ll allow your overseas customers to call you at a geographic rate and contact you as easily as your UK-based customers.



Staying in control

Access and adjust your call plans as you prefer, even on the go, with our intuitive management tools and monitor performance with our easy-to-use reporting tools.


Additional source of revenue

With our competitive inbound call rates and revenue share numbers, we can help you generate income, which you can use to offset your contact centre costs.


Resilient and reliable network

We offer a 99.999% service availability guarantee for the delivery of calls thanks to our fully resilient network, which ensures less congestion and a higher level of service.

Value-added services

Our experts will help you improve your business communications, by providing Interactive Voice Response structures and prompts, recordings, agent scripts, and more.

Flexible features

We provide a wide range of call features to meet your business needs and your customers’ expectations – the next section provides an overview of just a selection of them. To see what else we can offer your business, please get in touch or request a callback at the bottom of this page.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Area-based routing

Call queueing

Date or call exceptions

Call recording

Disaster recovery

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Award-winning app

Control and customise your WiFi with the Vodafone Broadband app.

Let’s talk

Give us a call, or speak to your account manager, to find out what we can do to help your business reach its full potential.

New customers

1 to 9 employees

0808 060 0802

Calls to this number are free.

10 to 49 employees

0808 004 4495

Calls to this number are free.

250+ employees

0808 099 8877

Calls to this number are free.

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