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Xtra Plans for Small Business

Designed to help you get the most out of your phone

Choose your airtime allowance of data, minutes and texts, plus any additional benefits, and get connected to our best ever network.

Xtra Plans are for small businesses that need less than 10 plans. Get them with our flexible Phone Plans, or as a SIM only.

Included with all our SIM only plans

Choose your Xtra Plan

Xtra Plans have all the data, minutes and texts you need, plus a load of great benefits to help you get the most out of your phone for your business.

Exclusive benefits

Device Care icon

Device Care

Keep your device running at its best with free health checks and a valuation.

Unlimited Picture Messaging icon

Unlimited Picture Messaging

Send endless picture and video messages at no extra cost.

50% off Smartwatch Connectivity icon

50% off Smartwatch Connectivity

Connect your smartwatch to our network with a OneNumber Connectivity Plan for half-price.

Unlimited Data Booster icon

Unlimited Data Booster

Don’t worry about running out of data – boost yourself up to unlimited for 30 days. Available on plans with limited data.

81 roam free destinations icon

81 roam-free destinations

Use your UK allowance of data, minutes and texts at no extra cost in 81 worldwide destinations. Available on plans with unlimited data.


What's the difference between an Xtra Plan and a SIM only plan?

Xtra Plan benefits and how to use them

How do I know which Xtra benefits are included in my plan?

What’s the difference between Xtra benefits and Add-ons?

What does airtime mean?

What's Vodafone EVO?

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