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Vodafone EVO for Sole Traders – Watch Plans

Vodafone EVO for Sole Traders lets you pay for your smartwatch and connectivity separately – as a Watch Plan and Connectivity Plan.

EVO watch plans - How it works

Who can get it

Sole traders – Plans are currently only available to sole traders.

You’re a sole trader if you set up your Vodafone Business account under a person’s name.

Limited companies and partnerships – chat to us online.

If you don’t want to change your watch, you can still take advantage of our OneNumber Connectivity Plans

Build your perfect plan

Step 1

Choose your smartwatch

Whatever your business or budget, we’ve got something for you – choose from the latest Apple and Samsung smartwatches.

Step 2

Choose your contract length and upfront cost

You decide how much you pay each month – choose a plan from 12 to 36 months and an upfront cost that best suits your budget.

Step 3

Add your Connectivity Plan

Add connectivity to your smartwatch and share your allowances, number and contacts from your phone’s SIM only or Xtra Plan.

Watch Plan benefits

Total Care Warranty

All Watch Plans include Total Care Warranty which covers you for any manufacturer faults or repairs for two years. Giving you complete peace of mind, at no extra cost.

Plus, we offer a two-year warranty on all our Apple products – that’s one year more than the manufacturer warranty.

Xtra Plan benefits for watches

50% off Smartwatch Connectivity

If you’ve got an Xtra Plan with 50% off Smartwatch Connectivity benefit, you can share your allowances, phone number and contacts with your smartwatch for half price. So you can stay connected on your smartwatch, without your phone or WiFi nearby.

Already got a smartwatch?

Add connectivity to your smartwatch with a OneNumber plan to share the allowances, phone number and contacts from your phone plan.


Understanding my bill for my flexible watch plan

What’s OneNumber?

When can I upgrade my smartwatch?

Paying off my smartwatch

What happens once my Connectivity Plan ends?

How do I add or set up my smartwatch?

Total Care Warranty and how to use it

Can I get 50% off Smartwatch Connectivity?

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