Vodafone Business IT Hubs – the franchise opportunity

Keeping pace with digital development has never seemed harder. Businesses today need flexible, easy-to-use and secure technology to stay relevant and competitive in a profoundly changing world. This is particularly true for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Although IT demands on SMEs continue to grow, access to enterprise-grade solutions and services is often inaccessible to them.

At Vodafone we’re filling this gap and transforming our place in this market. Drawing on our years of experience as the market leader in business mobile, we’re now delivering fully managed IT and comms services through locally based franchises: our Vodafone Business IT Hubs.

These Hubs are a network of independent Managed Service Providers who can offer full IT and comms support to small businesses in their local region. As a Franchise owner you become the ‘go to’ expert service provider acting as the outsourced IT department for small businesses in your area. You’ll become integral to the daily business operations of your local customers as their trusted business partner for technology.

We’re looking for enthusiastic businesspeople to join this unique opportunity and become franchise owners of one of over 300 Vodafone Business IT Hubs across the UK.

Why become a Vodafone Business IT Hubs franchisee?

Best of both worlds

Benefit from the backing of a trusted brand and franchisor. Vodafone Business IT Hubs can take advantage of Vodafone’s scale and expertise in marketing, lead generation, CVM, vendor management and corporate-grade products, as well as years of experience running franchises. All this, plus the independence to lead your own team and operate a localised support model that unlocks growth for small businesses in your area.

Low risk, high reward

As a franchisee, benefit from low upfront and operational costs as well as territory exclusivity and the potential for uncapped returns.

Stand out in the market

Vodafone Business IT Hubs are shifting the scales in favour of small business. You’ll stand out in the market by leveraging Vodafone’s comms and connectivity expertise alongside a complete and extensive portfolio of managed IT services, creating a one-stop-shop for SMEs.

One-of-a-kind training and support

Concerned you don’t have the experience to run a Vodafone Business IT Hub? Don’t worry, we’ve partnered with the experts. We provide our franchisees with a bespoke training plan and hands-on support from start to finish. You’ll benefit from an intensive onboarding process and in-life guidance for everything you need for business to thrive – from product accreditations to employee recruitment and sales training.

Hit the ground running

As a franchisee you’ll have access to a pre-optimised Business Management platform ready to support you in winning and delivering high quality recurring service business from the get-go.

The application process

Initial application

Register your interest and complete our initial assessments.

Discovery Day

Attend one of our Discovery Days to get more information about the opportunity and ask us any questions you have.

Complete screening

Complete security clearance, attend bespoke finance training and create your business case.


Present your business case and secure funding.


Secure your premises and sign your Franchise Agreement.

Open for business

Attend your operations, sales and product training, complete onboarding and get ready to meet your first customers.

Become a franchisee

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