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Shout out for Small Businesses


Entries are now closed. We will contact the winners within 10 days.

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please email us at

Win a Digital Marketing Boost for your Small Business

We’re inviting small businesses who have taken bold steps online during the pandemic, to share their stories for a chance to win a big social shout out and a digital marketing boost for their business.

You may have taken your first steps online, launched a new product or expanded your customer or community support. We’re offering the chance to feature your business on our Vodafone social channels, with ten UK small businesses receiving a dedicated social media marketing boost on our Facebook and Instagram channels, as well as an in-depth digital marketing assessment, to help support your plans.


Closing Date

Offer Detail


Publicity & Content

Who are we?


How many members of staff does a business need to employ to be considered a small business?

What Vodafone social media platforms will each business be promoted on and how many times across each platform?

If I’m one of the businesses selected for a free advertising boost what will I receive?

Will you be sharing any performance metrics with each business?

Will the winners’ posts on social media platforms be permanent or will they be archived or deleted after a certain period of time?

Will the ‘Shout Outs’ be static images, GIF’s or videos?

What does a social media boost on Facebook do for my business?

Is this open to all small businesses in the UK?

What personal details will you be collecting from me and how will they be stored?

Small-medium business support by V-Hub

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