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For healthcare providers, new technologies can revolutionise working methods and transform patient care.

The NHS in England has undergone unprecedented reorganisation and is rapidly approaching tipping point in the sustainability of the services it provides. According to the NHS England Five Year Forward Views a £30 billion saving is needed, as well extensive changes to the health service in order to offer the same quality of care on a reduced budget.

By equipping health workers with new mobile technology, the Department of Health reports that significant increases in productivity can be achieved. Huge increases have already been recorded, while the duplication of data can be greatly reduced, freeing up clinical time by up to 92% and reducing travel time by up to 33%*.

* Source: National Mobile Health Worker Project: Final Report, Department of Health, 2013

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Tackling healthcare challenges

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Improving care while reducing costs

Our research shows that 73% of community healthcare leaders are seeking to improve the overall quality of services in the face of budget cuts. Investment in mobile solutions could be key to meeting this goal – smart devices are giving frontline staff access to more information wherever they are, and enabling them to spend twice as long with each patient.


Joined up health and social care

Shared services, budgets and integrated care models within health and social care have led to increased collaboration between organisations. Shared data enables multiple services to use a single patient record so that frontline workers can provide better care at home – significantly reducing hospital admissions as a result.


Better tools, better care

Currently only 37% of district nursing time is spent on direct patient care. Mobile technologies like our Digital Pen solution allow for faster, more accurate records to be taken while in the field, reducing clinical risk and the time spent on travelling and administration. All of which means nurses can spend more time with each patient.


Delivering the best home care

The Nursing Technology Fund helps nurses, midwives and health visitors in England use digital technology to deliver safer and more efficient care directly in a patient’s home. By syncing patient records with care workers’ mobile devices, nurses can work from the most up-to-date information available, even if they’re not connected to the mobile network.

A new way forward in healthcare provision

Healthcare guide

Today’s healthcare providers are facing tougher challenges than ever before. Our Healthcare guide will help you discover the latest trends in healthcare provision – and the opportunities available for organisations like yours to improve the quality of patient care while reducing costs.

The guide introduces you to innovative strategies, tools and techniques that will help you:

  • Maintain patient health and anticipate potential issues
  • Provide more personalised care in homes and hospitals

Healthcare infographic

Our infographic offers a clear picture of how new ways of delivering frontline services can help you improve your level of care.

See how to make the best use of your carers’ time and enable them to make better decisions at the point of care, while empowering patients

Ten steps to success

Get on the road to becoming a successful healthcare provider by following our ten steps.

Discover how to create better personalised care plans and give patients their independence, as well as reducing administration to make it easier for your employees to access key services.

Why Vodafone for healthcare?

We believe that to achieve real change, the NHS needs to transform the way it works. Technology is key to this process, helping to deliver higher quality care at a lower cost.

In our review, we look at how we can help your organisation respond to today’s challenges. We identify nine trends driving change and opening opportunities, and highlight some of the ways we’re already meeting healthcare demands across the UK.

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