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We asked over 2,000 business leaders across the UK, from sole traders through to large enterprise and public sector companies, what digital transformation means to them.

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  • How important your competitors think digital transformation is to them – and how they feel about the advantages it brings
  • The biggest challenges UK businesses are facing during the process of digital transformation – and how to overcome them
  • Real life stories of how your competitors have benefitted from digital transformation – and how you can, too

And much more. For valuable insights into what your competitors are thinking, and how to remain competitive in a fast-changing world, register for the report now.

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Digital Ready businesses are more optimistic

Only a third of businesses recognise the importance of digital transformation – putting growth and cost reduction first. Yet those businesses that see digital transformation as a high priority are much more confident of achieving growth – with 50% saying they are very confident compared to just 17% for those who didn’t see it as important.

The benefits may surprise you

The number one association with digital transformation is increasing efficiency through the use of new technology. But businesses reported a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increased customer base
  • Better customer experience
  • Greater employee motivation
  • Improved productivity

Planning is the key to success

Only one third of businesses have a well-defined strategy for implementing digital transformation. Those that do have a plan are much more likely to be making good progress with (or have already completed) digital transformation.

The right time is now

59% of businesses that have embraced digital transformation wished they had done it sooner. So don’t delay. Find out how your business – no matter what size – can benefit from digital transformation – and what to do next.

Discover the opportunities of tomorrow, today

With digitalisation demanding more from businesses, we’re helping you empower your people by giving them the chance to visit our Customer Experience Centre. We can share the latest insights, explore innovative capabilities and equip you with the smart technologies to make you a future-ready business.


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