AI & productivity: Boost your business efficiency

Discover benefits of artificial intelligence for business, such as how AI can boost productivity and efficiency, save time and money, and reduce errors.

If you've been wondering how to give your business a boost, look no further than artificial intelligence (AI). Once the domain of science fiction and tech experts, AI is already transforming our daily lives. Our handy tips explore how AI tools can create a more productive and efficient workplace.

AI tools to maximise your team's potential

AI tools have the ability to help teams organise and share information, while providing efficient solutions to maximise productivity. By leveraging AI, teams can focus on the important parts of their roles, leaving the repetitive and time-consuming tasks to AI.

So, what are the advantages of artificial intelligence? AI offers a treasure trove of resources that can make your work life easier, including:

  • Time-saving tools

If you’ve never heard of Sidekick Ai, it’s like having a personal assistant for scheduling. Instead of endless email chains setting up meetings, Sidekick Ai does it all for you, saving you precious time. Offering multiple ways to book and schedule meetings, this AI tool streamlines the process and takes the organisation out of your hands.

  • Project management

Asana and Trello have harnessed the power of AI to streamline project workflows and keep you on track. They even tackle repetitive tasks, freeing you up to focus on the creative, strategic – and, frankly - more fun work. Tools like this make it easy to keep up to date with the latest tasks, see what projects are outstanding and who they are assigned to. With project management like this, you have all the information you need in one place, making it easy to focus on getting the work done.

  • Content creation

If you lack writing and design skills in your business, ChatGPT and Canva can respectively fill the gap. Both use AI to create high-quality, professional-looking content with minimum effort – and without the artistic temperament. We know it’s a limitation of AI, but as content creation tools can produce incorrect or unreliable copy, it’s worth sense-checking every step of the way. This ensures your work is unique and of the highest quality.

  • Idea generation

When you’re stuck for ideas, is your brainstorming companion. From new products to compelling campaigns, it offers creative suggestions and different perspectives that can help drive innovation.

When you’re lacking that creative spark or need to bounce ideas around, tools like this are an innovative way to think outside the box and generate thought starters to get the ball rolling.

Using AI to improve team efficiency

As well as the handy tools, there are several business benefits to using artificial intelligence. From automation and budget allocation, here are some ways AI can improve team efficiency and business performance:

Work smarter, not harder

AI handles the time-consuming, mundane work, like data entry, so your team can focus on more strategic work. Tools like Polymer streamline complex excel sheets can automate data entry, reduce errors, and improve efficiency, while Tableu enables users to create and develop dashboards and reports, saving valuable time on displaying and sharing data.

Cost savings

By reducing the hours you and your team spend on routine admin work, AI could save you money. It also helps ensure you can spend more of your budget on where it really counts – the work that helps you grow your business, such as marketing or sales. When you have a better understanding of what you can spend, and where to allocate your budget, you can invest in wider business activity, like SEO content strategies and PPC campaigns.

Reduced errors

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. AI's consistency might mean fewer errors, especially during tasks like data analysis and protection, where mistakes can prove costly for your finances and reputation. Remember though, AI has its challenges and can sometimes produce incorrect or false information, so make sure you use it mindfully and sense check outputs.

Using AI tools on smart devices

Many of us are already using AI without realising it, and technology and mobile companies are using AI in products to make the completion of tasks easier for the user.

Take the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Series for instance. This new phone is designed with AI at its heart and aims to help you work smarter, not harder, by helping you cut down on repetitive tasks and collaborate more effectively with colleagues, whether at home or in the office.

The Galaxy S24 is packed with AI powered tools, such as the innovative Circle to Search with Google tool, always-on display to save you time with no need to unlock your screen, an AI-powered camera for better photos, and more capacity to run more in-demand apps.

AI can help enhance the overall performance of devices used for work and business by optimising power consumption, improving processing speed, and ensuring that users can multitask, which can help boost productivity. In fact, many of us already use AI to help us respond to emails with built in suggestive text or grammar tools.

AI tools in devices, such as smartphones or laptops, can also help small business owners with content creation. AI-powered advanced camera features can help businesses with tasks such as document scanning and augmented reality for product visualisation.

Many new devices also offer AI-driven photography allowing for photo editing and manipulation, content removal, recompositing and enhancement, another feature of the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Virtual assistants on phones, watches & smart speakers can make tasks easier through voice commands, setting reminders for meetings and work, sending messages, making calls, and managing diaries or schedules.

AI is also enabling us to develop more meaningful connections with customers and colleagues across the globe, thanks to a range of translation services. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series offers AI-powered translation in voice and text between up to 13 languages, while also providing transcript Assist to summarise meetings or calls, which saves time writing up notes.

Overcoming AI challenges in the workplace

While it opens up a world of possibilities, there are some concerns over the potential disadvantages of artificial intelligence. Here's how to tackle some of the hurdles you might face in the workplace when using AI tools:


The sheer scope of AI can be daunting, especially if you’ve never used AI tools before or considered how to incorporate them into your business activity. Start small with simpler AI applications, and gradually work your way up to more complex ones. Think about training your people to help them upskill, and be sure to speak with experts to help you along the way.

Data security

With cybercrime on the rise, it’s crucial to secure sensitive data. Consult with cyber security professionals to ensure you’re as safe as possible, incorporate robust internal cyber security policies and procedures, and keep up to date with the latest in AI security.

Data quality

AI is powered by data, so to get the most out of your investment, regularly check your data to make sure it’s well-organised and up to date. Sense check all data before relying on AI to make sure it’s accurate and correct.

Employee apprehension

Understandably, your team might be wary of AI, especially if they’re in a creative or administrative part of your business. Being open and transparent about how AI complements their work rather than replacing it can help ease concerns and encourage them to embrace it. For example, in areas of the business, like customer service, using AI chatbots to provide initial support can quickly alleviate pain-points and enable teams to focus on more personalised responses.

Far from being just a buzzword, with the right approach, AI can revolutionise the way we work. From managing projects to creating stunning designs, the benefits of artificial intelligence are crystal clear – increased productivity, time savings, and cost-efficiency.

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI can enhance your activity, read about the top 5 ways to use ChatGPT, or discover our guide on incorporating AR and VR into your campaigns.

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