Auto Compensation

In 2020, we'll be launching the Broadband and Phone Automatic Compensation code.

In accordance with this, we promise to give you money back if things go wrong with your broadband and landline - without you having to claim it. 

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How much compensation can I get?

Delayed activation

£5 a day – after the initial date is missed until your service is successfully activated

Delayed repairs

£8 a day – starting two days after loss of service is identified

Missed engineer appointment

£25 for each missed appointment

What do I need to do?

Once launched in 2020, here’s what you need to do to claim:

Delayed activation

Nothing! We will automatically detect any delays and compensate you with money off your bill.

Delayed repairs

Let us know if you think you have a loss of service, and we’ll take care of the rest. If we find you do have a loss of service, and we can’t fix the issue within two days, we’ll automatically compensate you until it’s sorted. 

Missed engineer appointments

You don’t need to do anything – if we’ve missed an appointment for activation or repairs, we will schedule a new appointment with you and automatically compensate you for the inconvenience. 


Please note - we'll start providing compensation to customers once Auto Compensation is officially launched in 2020.

The Ultimate Broadband Guarantee

Superfast speeds to your router – or money off until it's fixed

15% off your bill until it's fixed 

Easy to claim discount via our App 

Applies to all our packages


Our legal terms

If applicable, Compensation will be payable in the form a credit on your monthly bill. The credit will appear on your account no later than 30 calendar days after the appointment is missed, the issue is resolved or if you terminate the service. Please note that the credit may take up to 60 calendar days to appear on your bill.

Vodafone will provide you with a notification after consistent payment of compensation for 30 calendar days (for delayed activation or delayed repairs). This notification will contain options on how to proceed if the issue cannot be resolved. Vodafone will cease payment of Compensation after 60 calendar days.

There are exceptions to the payment of Compensation and the specific exceptions for each service issue are detailed below. However, for all service issues Vodafone will not be required to pay Compensation if:

  1. Doing so we would be or would likely be in breach of any law or regulation;

  2. You are in breach of your agreement with us;

  3. The fault is not in respect of the Home Broadband and Phone service we provide or if it caused by equipment (including your router) or other activity in your home; or

  4. You have missed a scheduled appointment for activation or repair of your broadband service.

A Total Loss of Service (‘TLOS’) means:

  1. There is no dial tone on your home phone line;

  2. You are unable to make any outgoing calls or receive incoming calls; and/or

  3. You are unable to access the internet, i.e. there is no synchronisation or connection.

Compensation is payable two working days after the TLOS fault is reported to Vodafone. If you report the fault outside of business hours, then the start time for measuring the resolution of the issue shall be 9am on the following working day.

Vodafone will not be required to pay Compensation for TLOS if:

  1. There is a planned network service outage;

  2. If you are responsible for the fault or if you prevent the fault being resolved. This would include not accepting the first available date for repair of the fault or refusing access to your home and equipment; or

  3. We believe that the report of a fault is fraudulent.

You will receive compensation if your broadband service has not been activated on the date we have initially communicated to you in your service confirmation letter or email.

Vodafone will not be required to pay Compensation for delayed broadband activation if:

  1. If you prevent the service being activated by refusing access to your home and equipment;

  2. If you claim you have not received your router and we can demonstrate that the router has been posted to you; or

  3. If you miss a scheduled appointment for the activation of your broadband service.

You will receive compensation if an engineer misses a service activation or repair appointment, without providing you with at least 24 hours’ notice of a change at your premises.

Vodafone will not be required to pay Compensation for a missed engineer appointment if:

  1. We provide notice to you of a change or cancellation of an appointment at least 24 hours in advance of the original appointment time or if you agree to a change in the appointment time for the same day.