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We’re bringing you simpler, easy-to-read invoices

We’re always looking for ways to transform the way we work to make things easier for you, our customer.

So we’re changing the way we fulfil orders. These changes will simplify and reduce the time it takes for you to place an order, and for us to provide our services and issue invoices.

We’re starting with our IP-VPN QoS products and services. You won’t experience any service interruptions, just changes in how IP-VPN QoS services are displayed on your invoices. You’ll start to notice these changes in the near future.

For a short time, the charges for your IP-VPN QoS products and services may be shown in two different formats. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we’re sure you’ll agree it’ll be worth it.


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Why are you changing your invoices?

Will all the products on my invoice look different?

What changes will I see?

How will I benefit from these changes?

Will this change have an impact on how I place IP-VPN orders?

Will my IP-VPN charges be changing?

Will there be any delays in receiving invoices and reporting?

How will I know when my invoice is being changed?

I’ve ordered a new IP-VPN QoS service and been told I’ll be getting a new look invoice. Where can I find a copy of it?

Will the changes to the new system cause any disruption to my service?

I don’t understand my new invoice. Who do I contact?

Where will I see messages about my IP-VPN invoice in OnePortal?

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