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How it works

Perfect for pop-up shops, outdoor events and any kind of mobile business, PayPal Here allows you to take secure, contactless payments with a simple app and card reader. Never miss a sale just because you don’t have the right tools.


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Peace of mind

Payments safe in your PayPal account straight away – zero Vodafone fees.

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Freedom to take your business anywhere

Works with any iOS, Android and any Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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Worry-free payments

Protected by PayPal’s fraud management safeguards.

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Hassle-free set-up

Download the app, pair the card reader and you’re good to go.

PayPal Here

As a small business owner, you often need to take payments outside the shop or office.  PayPal Here helps you take payments quickly and easily wherever you are. No more queues while you take down details or key in bank details – this portable payment device takes payments securely, quickly and with no fuss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does PayPal Here work?

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Which devices are compatible?

How long before I get the money from a Paypal Here payment?

Where can i find more help and information on using PayPal Here?

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