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Setting up your Vodafone WiFi Hub

Follow the steps below to set up your Vodafone WiFi Hub. If your go-live date is scheduled for today, please remember that it may take until midnight for your service to go live.

Broadband help - Set up router step 1
Step one

Plug in your router using the supplied power cable.

Broadband help - Set up router step 2
Step two

Connect the supplied DSL cable from your router to the wall socket.

Broadband help - Set up router step 3
Step three

Turn the power on using the Power button located at the back of the Hub.

Please note: if you're a new Vodafone Broadband customer, you may experience slightly unstable speeds during your first 10 days - this is common while your new line adjusts to delivering the fastest possible speeds to your router. Your speeds should be stable after these 10 days.

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