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Apps designed to make life easier

Our handy range of apps are there to help you get your to-do list, done.

Unlock unlimited potential with the My Vodafone app

Check your data usage, keep track of your spending, manage your account and more with the My Vodafone app.

My Vodafone app

Help fight cancer - with DreamLab

We all know someone who's been touched by cancer. And the only way we're going to beat it is if we work together. With DreamLab there's a new, easy way to help. Researchers need supercomputers to crunch their complex data and that's where you, your phone, and the DreamLab app come in.


The Vodafone Broadband app

Enjoy our best ever broadband experience with the award-winning Vodafone Broadband app. With Device Boost, WiFi Scheduler and more, you can take full control of your WiFi – and it’s free to download.

Vodafone Broadband