As an existing customer, it’s easy to pick up the best deals:

  • 1. Log in to My Vodafone and pick a deal for you or your household

  • 2. We’ll add it to your account

  • 3. Your discount will be applied automatically

See how we go the extra mile for you

As an existing customer you and your family can get great deals whenever you buy an additional Pay monthly device or SIM only plan. And there really is something for everyone – whether you’re looking for new phones for your kids or just a better deal on home broadband for you and your household. Terms apply

SIM only – take back control of family phone bills

Get 15% off our SIM only plans. They’re better value than Pay as you go and it’s easier to manage the costs – perfect if you have kids or just want to keep your phone.


Get great deals on an additional phone

You can get 15% off any additional Pay monthly phone you buy. It’s ideal if you want your friends and relatives to get more value from a phone contract.

Tablets – packed with data and lighter than a laptop

Pick a tablet with 15% off – and you’ll get the big-screen feel of a laptop with the portability of your smartphone. Plus, all of our tablet plans are packed with data on our award winning network - so you can surf, stream, shop and socialise wherever you are.


Get online but stay mobile

Life’s an adventure and you might not have time to lay roots yet. But you can still get online with a portable Mobile Wi-Fi device or a data dongle. And we’ll give you 15% off.

Three ways to get a great deal for you and your family

Great deals on plans

Whether you’re looking for the safest phone for your kids or just a good deal for your family, you’ll save both time and money each time you add another discounted plan.

SIM ‘O’ is the way to go

Why not ditch Pay as you go and add an extra SIM only deal? That way, the family can keep the phones they love and save on data, calls and texts. Plus you can take your home plan abroad with Global Roaming.

Love movies, music and sport?

Simply add another Pay monthly or SIM only plan with a choice of a Now TV Entertainment Pass, Spotify Premium, or Sky Sports Mobile TV – so you can keep the whole family entertained at the same time

Simply want to replace what you’ve got? See if you’re ready to upgrade.


Four great ways you’ll save

  • Save yourself a headache – and manage all your family’s devices in one place.

  • Save money – with a discount every time you add another device or bundle.

  • Save looking for a better network - as we’re officially #1 in the UK.

  • Save time waiting for your order – just click and collect.