Leave your current provider early and claim up to £100

Don’t let your current home broadband provider’s early termination fee stand between you and the UK’s lowest-priced unlimited fibre broadband. If you switch to Vodafone Home Broadband and Phone, we’ll give you up to £100 credit to cover any cancellation charges.

How does switching work?

Switching to Vodafone is easy. In fact, if you’re switching from BT, TalkTalk, EE, Sky or Plusnet we’ll take care of everything for you. Your broadband and phone service will switch to Vodafone within 10 working days. And there won’t even be a break in supply – you’ll keep your service with your current provider right up until the switch.

Switching from Virgin Media? You’ll need to use this letter [PDF: 115KB] to let them know you’re leaving. And again, you’ll keep your current service until the day you join Vodafone Broadband.

How do I claim my credit?

Your current provider will contact you to confirm that the order has been placed and may talk about any charges you owe for leaving early. Once you’ve paid the early termination fee directly to your provider, just complete the following form.  Please note: you’ll have to wait until your Vodafone Home Broadband and Phone service has been live for between 30 and 60 days before claiming your credit.

You’ll also need to attach copies of your notice of termination and an itemised breakdown of the early termination charges you’ve paid – this could be a copy of a credit or debit card statement or a copy of a bank statement, either printed, online, or email. (Remember to blank out your account number and any unrelated transactions.)

You’ll then receive an email confirming the amount you’ll be refunded as a bill credit. This will be applied to your account within 30 days of your confirmation email.


All fields are mandatory


The Switch My Broadband Credit offer is only available to customers who are in contract with another UK broadband provider on the date they order Vodafone Home Broadband and have paid an ‘early termination/cancellation’ charge to leave that provider early (excluding standard monthly or outstanding out-of-allowance charges). You’ll receive an amount equal to the charge credited to your Vodafone account (up to a maximum of £100). 

  • You must provide evidence of these charges by sending a copy of your early cancellation charges and of their payment to switchingbroadband@help.vodafone.co.uk or by attaching copies to our online form
  • You must claim within 60 days of your Vodafone Home Broadband service being activated, but no earlier than 30 days after its activation
  • Credit will be applied to your Vodafone account 30 days following the completion and processing of your Early Cancellation Credit request
  • There is no cash alternative to this offer. Offer excludes Vodafone employees
  • Your Home Broadband service is subject to Vodafone Home Broadband and Phone Agreement [PDF: 786KB]