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  1. You've signed up for a Pay monthly, iPad, tablet or SIM only plan directly through a Vodafone Store, or Vodafone telesales
  2. You're applying for this discount within 60 days of buying your plan
  3. You've got an email address
  4. You're studying at a participating university
  5. You know you can only get a discount for one mobile phone number at this email address
  6. You accept the terms and conditions of this offer.

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You can only claim your discount if you're studying at one of the universities or colleges listed here. Scroll down to see the full list.

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Got an iPad or tablet? You'll find the mobile number:

  1. Online, in My Vodafone
  2. On your contract – look in the right-hand column, under the account number
  3. On your till receipt

Remember: the discount's only available for one number at one email address.

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