Travelling abroad

How much does it cost to use my device abroad?

Dream big, and travel bigger - with our handy search tool you can find out exactly how much you’ll pay in roaming charges when you hit the road.

On a Business plan, please visit our Business roaming page

Where are you travelling to?

Choose the country you’re visiting, and find out what it costs to roam there.


Roam like a pro

We think travelling should feel like freedom – and that means freedom from worry, too. With a few simple steps, you can protect yourself from unexpected roaming charges and spread your wings in complete confidence.

Before you leave

  • Check that your phone isn’t barred for use abroad using the My Vodafone app or My Vodafone online
  • Check which zones are covered by your plan on our Vodafone Global Roaming page
  • On Pay as you go? Make sure you've got enough credit before you go abroad. You can top up online or by registering with My Vodafone. Alternatively, register a debit or credit card to make it easier to top up while you're abroad – simply call 191
  • Enable data roaming on your phone – or don't, if that's your plan
  • Set up PINs for your phone and SIM. If they're stolen, this will restrict access to your device. To use voicemail when roaming, you'll also need to set up a security PIN before leaving the UK
  • Make a note of our 24-hour Lost and Stolen helpline (+44 7836 191 191) – free from any Vodafone phone even while you're abroad (international call charges apply from any other mobile or landline)

When you arrive

  • In most countries, you'll get a welcome text from us as soon as you arrive and switch on your phone. We'll tell you exactly how much it'll cost you to use your phone there.
  • Your phone will automatically connect to one of the local networks. If this doesn't happen, you can manually search for a network in the Settings menu on your phone:
    Settings > Phone settings > Pick a network
  • Remember, you can call between Roam-free destinations and make calls to the UK and to the destination you’re in, at no extra charge. If you have Global Roaming Plus included in your plan you can also use your included international minutes abroad.

Travel advice from GOV.UK
For the latest travel advice by country, including information on safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health, please visit the Foreign Office travel advisory pages