Vodafone Pro II devices

Vodafone Pro II Broadband

Get the best from your broadband with the UK’s fastest WiFi technology throughout your home

WiFi 6E technology

Low latency and the fastest speeds for gaming, working, video calling and streaming

Super WiFi 6E Booster

Your best WiFi technology throughout the home in every room

4G Broadband Back-up

Seamlessly switch to our mobile network in the event of a broadband outage

Ultra Hub

All new Ultra Hub
Powered by WiFi 6E for the next generation of speeds and devices.

A smart-home
Connection for more than 150 devices.

Easy-to-use app
You're in control of your WiFi with the Vodafone Broadband app.

Super WiFi 6E Booster

Coverage throughout the home
Or leave your contract for free - guaranteed.

Fastest WiFi signal
25x more faster than standard broadband.

Advanced WiFi mesh design
Increased reliability through a multiple-access point network.

4G Broadband Back-up

Unbreakable broadband
Automatically switch to our mobile network in the unlikely event your broadband goes down.

WiFi Xperts
Benefit from daily dedicated support to help fix WiFi issues.

Data allowance
Use your data allowance until Broadband is back up.

All controlled with the app

This is WiFi in your hands, enabling you to create a private guest network, see all your connected devices, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

WiFi 6E operates on a 6GHz band, enabling faster connections and lower latencies across devices. Until WiFi 6E, only 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands were available to customers.

At Vodafone, we’re the first to offer a wireless router (Ultra Hub) and booster on the new 6GHz band. This faster WiFi 6E connection will enable you to connect more than 150 devices and have the best possible experience for streaming and gaming. You’ll have the UK’s fastest WiFi technology throughout your home.

Our 4G Broadband Back-up is a device that uses mobile data to keep you connected if your broadband goes down.

Keep it plugged into your Ultra Hub and it will automatically switch to our mobile network when you need it. You'll have 100GB to keep you connected until your broadband starts working again. At that point, it will switch back automatically.

The Super WiFi 6E Booster enables you to make the most out of your new 6E connection. It extends your Ultra Hub’s signal so you can get coverage throughout your home.

If you’re struggling for coverage, we can provide up to three additional boosters at no extra charge. If you’re still without coverage, you can leave your contract for free – guaranteed.

Learn more about how WiFi boosters work