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Managing your router

Common broadband solutions

Broadband help - Preventing interference
Preventing interference

Electrical devices such as microwaves, televisions, wireless speakers and fluorescent lighting are some of the common household devices that can impact the quality of your Wi-Fi signal. 

Where possible, please keep your router away from other electrical devices to reduce interference.

Broadband help - Right location
Choosing the right location

Factors such as distance and line of sight are among the most common environmental factors that impact Wi-Fi connections.

Having your device and router in the same room can help to guarantee a quality connection. Powerline adaptors can help to increase your home’s Wi-Fi coverage. 


Broadband help - Physical barriers
Physical barriers

Objects placed too close to your router such as mirrors, plants and furniture can create a physical barrier, preventing a clear signal from reaching your devices. This can impact the speed and stability of your connection.

Try to create a clear line of sight between your router and device to help ensure a stable connection.

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