Mesh WiFi and Whole Home WiFi

What is Mesh WiFi?

Mesh WiFi - also called Whole Home WiFi - is a WiFi system which gives you powerful WiFi all over your home – especially handy if you’ve noticed your WiFi signal is weaker in different parts of the house.

How does Mesh WiFi work?

Mesh WiFi uses one or more mesh extenders to create a secure and strong WiFi network, working in conjunction with the router WiFi signal - these satellite mesh extenders are placed around your property for full WiFi coverage. They provide their own WiFi signal, which helps to boost WiFi coverage.

The benefits of Mesh WiFi

As well as creating a strong WiFi signal all over your home, Mesh WiFi systems have several other perks.

  • Simple network access: Many Mesh WiFi systems or WiFi extenders are fully automated, so you can easily control them via your phone or a smart device. It’s also much simpler to set up a WiFi extender system with a smartphone, as opposed to physically plugging into a router and then using a browser dashboard

  • Better connections: Range extenders amplify your WiFi – however, these range extenders may need a separate network with a separate name, and you may have to switch WiFi connections as you move around the house. Mesh WiFi offers a seamless handover in home, so you won’t need to reconnect to different WiFi connections when you move from room to room

  • Improved security: Several Mesh WiFi systems come with tight security features and easy network management to keep your devices and router safe. Several also automatically check for and install security updates

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