What is MiFi?

MiFis, or Mobile Hotspots, are small, portable devices that allow multiple users to connect to the internet through a mobile network. They tend to be battery powered, so they can be used to connect your laptop or tablet on the move - wherever you can get a mobile signal. 

The term MiFi is a combination of 'Mobile WiFi'. 

How does MiFi work?

Connection to the mobile network is achieved using a SIM card, just like on your phone - the signal can then be transmitted to a number of devices at the same time. So all the family can be online while on holiday, or the whole team can be connected on an away day from work.

How fast is MiFi?

4G MiFi can offer comparable speeds to basic FTTC broadband. 5G MiFi can offer much more impressive speeds. 

We offer a range of 4G and 5G mobile broadband options, from MiFi hotspots to dongles, and GigaCube mobile routers to Data-only SIMs