5G Broadband

What is 5G broadband?

Much like 4G broadband, 5G broadband is a type of mobile broadband. Using 5G broadband, you can connect to the internet using high speeds, wherever you can pick up a 5G signal.

5G broadband can be accessed via:

  • Mobile broadband routers
  • Mobile Hotspots, or MiFis
  • Data-only SIMs

What are the benefits of using 5G broadband?

  • It's portable. If you're using a router or dongle, all you’ll need is an electrical supply to stay connected
  • You can access fast speeds on the go - no more lagging or freezing during video calls, or streaming
  • You can share and download files quickly and easily
  • If you need 5G broadband to work, 5G's lower latency is beneficial for roles which manufacture or use Internet of Things technology, and can significantly improve functionality and safety


5G Broadband equipment