Samsung S Pen

What is the Samsung S Pen?

The S Pen is a special stylus which can be used with several Galaxy devices to write, draw and annotate on the screen. You use it as you’d normally use a pencil or pen on paper.

The S Pen comes embedded on some Samsung devices, so there’s a small slot for it to fit into when you’re not using it. Other Galaxy devices may be compatible with the S Pen or it may come as standard with the phone, but these devices may not have a slot, so you’ll have to keep it safe when you’re not using it.

To activate it on your device, hover the end of the S Pen over your screen and press the button at the end twice.

What kind of features does the S Pen have?

As well as letting you draw and write, the S Pen comes with several other features:

  • Air Command: This creates a small icon on your screen which then opens up to show S Pen features and functions

  • Air Actions: Move your S Pen in the air above your phone to swipe, zoom in, zoom out and adjust the volume

  • Remote control: Take photos when you’re not near your phone, control PowerPoint presentations and browse your Gallery

Which phones are compatible with the S Pen?

If you want to use an S Pen with your Samsung Galaxy phones, it’s important to remember two things – some devices may not come with an S pen as standard, and the S Pen Fold Edition only works with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G. The S Pen Pro works with pretty much any S Pen-compatible device.

Which tablets are compatible with the S Pen?

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